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What would you do if you found your man had been in bed with another woman?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) August 14th, 2008

Check out this story!
Can you beat this?

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That story was sad but hilarious! I don’t think I could beat it, but luckily I have never been in that er um… position!! ha ha!!

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That is sad that she WASTED 22-years with that a$$hole! I bet after the adrenaline stopped and she was alone, she just went to pieces for a minute… I don’t understand why people are heartless. That just kills me to read stories like that…...22 years.. Life is way to precious to waste!

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I don’t have a “man”... I am the man. However, you know what leads to drama? Exploding at the situation. Things get broken, words are said, relationships end… but in every… ahem, video… I’ve seen where the original partner climbs into bed as well, everyone’s friends, the couple explores a new side of their sexuality, and their relationship grows stronger.

Did you know that in other countries, a man’s ability to pursue “meaningless relationships on the side” is actually an accepted practice? Especially if the wife views the act as something of a chore.

Cheating is wrong, and while I don’t advocate it, I do believe that it’s all in how you handle it. “Tear apart the family” or “Have another first, then decide if you wanna keep the bastard around”. It’s like having the “make up/revenge sex” all in one, and it’d make it easier to send the guy packing with the same action.

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Hilarious…In ascending order of hatefulness: a one night stand (maybe forgivable, depending on circumstances), an affair (again, possibly forgivable if one comes clean on their own, and wants to work on the issues that caused the affair), an affair that takes place in OUR MARITAL BED…you’re outta’ here, indeed!

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Wedding Beds? Seriously? The concept of a wedding bed has long been diluted since the 70’s. Why do you suppose that here and now, in the year 2008, over 50% of all marriages fail in under 10 years, and even as an option for those who don’t fail, there are “Sleep Number” beds?

You know the kind where he can stay the hell on one side of a bed adjusted for him specifically, and she can keep her meatsheets on the other side of the bed which is adjusted for her specifically? It’s like, even in sleep people understand they’re not supposed to be all up each other’s butt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: There has to be some permissible separation unless you want a complete separation.

Sex is good for everyone… unless you’ve got the herpes or something wild like that: But even then, people with sexually transmitted diseases are out there spreading their doo-doo germs with ANYONE regardless of infected status.

…hmm. I had a whole second act to this comedy routine planned, but then I stopped to answer the cell phone, came back, and lost the fire. Ah well.


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If I walked in on that, I would turn around and walk back out and never come back.

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@Lovelocke, I’m guessing you are single, am I right?

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@Scamp: Nope. Never been in a relationship that lasted less than a year, and am currently in one that’s been going on for about a year and a half. My name is Lovelocke, foo!

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Cheating (him)=Gone (me).

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~OOOh a whole year and a half. And others that have lasted at least that long.You really are the man aren’t you? Well now, I bow before the expert on relationships~ I don’t have anywhere near your experience with relationships. I’ve only had two myself. One for 23 years, and the other for 6. Thank you Lovelocke,foo!

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@Lovelocke, I agree with you about people getting their needs met elsewhere, but only if that is worked through and agreed to by both parties in the relationship. Otherwise, it’s dirty and it better not be happening in my house.

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probably pulling a lorena bobbit on them

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If I found that my woman had been cheating on me, the relationship would be done, as what happened with my ex. It’s not worth my time trying to reconcile with a cheater, I’d rather cut my losses and be rid of it.

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I’d be asking a lot more for that Harley!

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I once asked my wife, “What would you do if you came home early from work one day, and found me in bed, having sex with another woman?”

She said, “I’d probably be so angry, that I’d break her white cane and shoot her guide dog.”

August 23, 2008, 5:11 AM EDT

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thats a dead link…what are u folks talking about???

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@BoyWonder I’d tell you, if only I could remember!

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That’s be a deal-breaker for me. No second-chances when it comes to cheating.

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damn broken link!!! some of these answers are so great i’d looove to see the story – somthing bout a harley in oz

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Personally, I’d be a little confused. Seeing as my boyfriend & I are gay. XD

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I’d probably want to cry like a baby. I would go find a new man to get into bed with.

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i would leave him.

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and then cry like a baby.

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Fidelity is something that is important to me and I am up front with whomever I am in a relationship with. If I catch them in bed with another person (or otherwise cheating on me) then we are finished. There is no second chance.

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I agree with the no second chance, once a cheat always a cheat.

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I’d send her a bill for services rendered attached to the legalities of disenfranchising me of consortium and affection for the time period she was with him on my lawyers letterhead. Even thinking about this makes me very happy.

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Take all his belongings put them in the back yard in a barrell, cover them in kerosene and set them on fire.

Pack all your things up, walk out with your head held high and never never speak to him again. Pretend like you never even met for the rest of your life.

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