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A question about Internet plan?

Asked by Sam4One (98points) November 17th, 2017


Kindly read these example Internet plans below and tell me which one would you choose and why.

ISP Plan A

60+ Mbps speed till 30 GB
post 30 GB 60 Kbps speed with unlimited data.
Cost $30 /mo

ISP Plan B

Unlimited data at 1 Mbps speed.
No speed throttling.
Cost $50 /Mo

I just need to know which plan people would prefer the most.


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1 MBPS is deathly slow. Unlimited data at a slow speed is worthless, especially for $20 more/month

Go with plan A.

Of course, the deciding question is what you’re going to be doing. My answer will be different if you’re surfing the web, versus 24/7 streaming or torrenting.

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I can’t think of a scenario where B would offer any value if A was available. Maybe mobile for music streaming only?

It’s not even really close.

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@funkdaddy and @elbanditoroso

I forgot to mention my usage.
I will basically do %40 download/upload , 40% streaming and 20% web browsing, of course this is just an average number.

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