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How can I remove game requests from the sidebar in my news feed on Facebook?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) November 17th, 2017

I have a friend (we all have one of these) who constantly sends me chain messages (forward or you will be struck with bubonic plague) or religious (worse) ones and game requests.

I sent her a message asking her to desist in sending me these things or I would be forced to unfriend her. After two messages, she said sorry and stopped sending the messages.

But not the game requests! I can’t see how to delete them. Is it possible?

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Right-click on the invitation, and (at least in the desktop view of FB – I don’t know what the mobile view looks like) you’ll have an option to “ignore all” either “from this user” or “from this game”. So as each new game is released, it’s a one-time thing to “ignore requests from this game”.

I think I’ve only had to deal with one unwanted game request in the past twelve months or so now, which is an acceptable rate of these spurious requests to me.

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Hmmm, mine didn’t say that. But when I right-clicked on it, an x appeared and I was able to delete them. So thanks, CWOTUS.

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Couple of years ago I posted this pic, and it helped.

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You can’t. Facebook will keep putting game requests there. Eventually, they will show up in your messages. After that, you will get emails about them. Then, you will start seeing letters show up at your house. You can’t escape Facebook games requests. You will succumb. You will get addicted. You will then lead a sad and lonely life where you will die, alone and afraid. Afraid of the Facebook game requests.
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