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How do I apply a theme to my Ubuntu desktop?

Asked by tonedef (3935points) August 14th, 2008

I am a total Linux newbie, and I cannot stand the color palette and background of Hardy Heron. I’ve downloaded some themes for Ubuntu… how do I install and use them? I think that something called “emerald” may be involved somehow.

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Check out Compiz Fusion
emerald was related to the old version of compiz called beryl. compiz should guide you trough it all now.

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Try here. Do some searches and you will find more then one way to do what you want.

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Compiz Fusion is an effects manager/creator, emerald is an advanced theming program. You do not need either of these

If you’ve downloaded the themes correctly (or the themes have been packaged correctly should I say) you should be able to go into Settings -> Preferences (I think, I’m on Windows at the moment) -> Apperances then you should be able to drag the theme from its folder onto the theme area and it should install. It may not be quite as clear cut as this as I can’t quite remember how to do it. Infact, I’ll go and make a video now…I think. It’ll take me a long while to sort it, maybe not until tomorrow, but maybe there’s a need for these videos :)

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here you go, that’s a short video tutorial, I would like to make some more but I’ll have to perfect this whole video thing haha.

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