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Would you put thin sliced apples in homemade cranberry sauce?

Asked by Aster (19994points) November 19th, 2017

A famous chef on youtube does it and I wondered if you all think it would taste good or look terrible in there.

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oohh That sounds tasty. I love cranberries and apples :)

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I make mine with whole cranberry’s and crushed pineapple. I would want apples in it, but it doesn’t sound terrible.

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I would do that. Maybe I will soon, now that you mention it. Sounds really good.

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It sounds wonderful.

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Sure. There are many types of apples. You could go with something sweet, to balance it out. Or go with something tart, that would fit right in.

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Since I drink cranberry apple juice and eat cranberry apple sauce , I imagine that cranberry sauce with apples would be fine. Just not sliced in raw after the cranberry sauce is cooked. The taste would work but the texture could be odd.

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^I think I would like the crunchy apple.

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The apples went soft , the entire dish was very good but nobody touched it but me. What did everyone scoff up? Half melted brie with half cooked cranberries on top served on crackers. Out of this world.

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I don’t think very many people like cranberries in general. They are sour and tart, and some people may not like that kind of food. I love cranberries.

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^^Not my experience. Salad bars here have dried cranberries on the bar, which reinforces to me that a lot of people like them.

Plus, cranberries at Thanksgiving are usually served very sweet, in a sweet jelly like or Jello concoction.

I think a lot of people don’t like cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, because a lot of people don’t like the consistency (some people just use cranberry jelly straight from the can, and I can’t imagine a lot of people like it that way) or don’t like the sweet with their salty thanksgiving meal, and they look forward to the other 6 dishes on the table much much more.

I eat my cranberry mold as dessert, and it doesn’t always happen that same night.

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Cranberries are wonderful. Love them dried, cooked, sauced (?), jellied. I’m one of the people that loves the canned jelly right from the can as much as the ‘fancy’ home-made sauces. Cranberry sauce on baked brie is divine. Put some dried apricots in with that cranberry sauce on that brie and I’ll ask you to have my children.

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