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If you like to take a nap during the day, what noise is most likely to wake you up?

Asked by Kardamom (29640points) November 19th, 2017

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I rarely take naps during the day. Despite my insomnia, I’m almost never sleepy during the day time. For those of you folks who like to take a little nap occasionally (or those of you who are day sleepers due to your work schedule) what noises are most likely to wake you up?

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My husband watching TV or banging around in the kitchen.

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Nearly nothing wakes me. The meds I take force me to sleep, even through much of my painful muscle spasms. Weird, the spasms sometimes enter my dreams. When a woman who drives me to appointments got her dates mixed up, I was asleep. Apparently she knocked until her fist bruised. Worried, she had the cops let her in. Hearing a man’s voice call my name woke me quick.
I live with just my daughter, no man has lived with me in nearly two decades. Having a male voice in the house was quite out of the ordinary.

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Barking fucking dogs… Can’t stand that.

I live in the south. It’s not uncommon to hear a rooster, even in a suburban neighborhood.

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Usually the phone ringing.

But more likely than not, I will feel bladder pressure, which will wake me up.

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I nap for about a half-hour after lunch every day and can sleep through any sounds except for something unfamiliar and a ringing phone.

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The phone

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Don’t have that luxury yet except on weekends. I’ll have a very sound sleep for half an hour atleast before waking up due to any interference.

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The realization that I have so much to do, and instead of doing any of those things, I decided to take a nap. I am lazy.

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Back-up bell on trucks. I live right near a turnaround.

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A child walking into my room.
I can sleep through tornado sirens, EMS shit right next to me, I can sleep through anything except a baby whimpering or a kid sliding into the room.

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Telemarketer phone call.

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I tell telemarketers, “I’m broke. Want the number of the s.o.b. that took all my money?”

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