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I have a question about iPhone usage in Austria and Germany. Please see details inside.

Asked by 2davidc8 (10127points) November 21st, 2017

I have an iPhone with WiFi. The hotels that we’ll be staying at in Austria and Germany have “free” WiFi. Will I be able to connect to the WiFi without any tweaking (like changing settings) other than entering a password?

If I can connect to WiFi, can I use Skype and iMessage, or do I need a data plan for these?

Also, will I need an electric plug adapter? If I’m not mistaken, I won’t need a voltage converter, as the iPhone is able to handle both 110 and 220 volts. Can someone please confirm this?

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Yes, you can use the wifi with just a password, and Skype and iMessage will work. You might want to use What’sApp also, because it works via wifi.

If you want to make sure you don’t incur unintended cell usage, put your phone in airplane mode while in Austria and Germany. You can always turn it on momentarily if needed.

You will need a plug adapter.

Check with Apple on the voltage converter. Better to take the time to check now than to fry your phone.

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I agree with @zenvelo except thatyou just need to turn data off – not put it in airplane mode. If you do want to use your phone not just on wi-fi, check with your carrier about short-term overseas calling plans that you can use for cheap calling rates. You can also turn data on briefly if away from wi-fi to check e-mail, etc.

I don’t eed a converter in France but do need the right plug. Plugs can vary from country to country so having a set is good.

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I would get the European version of the USB wall charger like they sell at gas stations & convenience stores in the US. Get one with labelled as roughly 2 amp ( like 2A or 2.1A). The 1amp models charge more slowly.

Your existing USB cables for your iPhone and any other device will fit the wall charger.

Europe Wall Charger, 2Pack

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OK, thanks, everybody.

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