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How do you define tactfulness?

Asked by imrainmaker (8257points) November 21st, 2017

Can you provide some everyday examples? On what basis would you label someone as being tactful or otherwise?

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To approach a topic honestly, without emotion or personal bias. Or, to present a personal opinion without oppression or demand.
To tell a dancer they were not picked for a line up because their dance style is wrong for the current needs, would be tactful.
So say to a dancer they didn’t make the cut because they are too butt ugly, not so much.

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Phrasing your words and doing things in such a way that people are motivated to work with you rather than feeling like they are forced to.

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Tactfulness – The opposite of what Trump says/does…

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Telling someone they have bad breath without offending or embarrassing them.

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When you don’t say what you’re thinking, for the benefit of the listener.

Real world example:
I sell jewelry at the Renaissance festival. It’s made from Swarovski crystal. Cue Drunk Hippie Chick stumbling up and slurring out,

“My niece has ADD and is a pain in the neck – which crystal should I get to calm her down? What kind of energy do these have?”

My thought: “If I throw one at you it’ll have kinetic energy.”

My words: “I’m sorry, but these are man-made crystal. You may be looking for mineral crystals – go see my friend Tom, ‘round this path, near the elephant rides.”

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Having the ability of not throwing a proverbial brick with your mouth in a millisecond…

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Making a point without making an enemy.

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GAs @all – Thank you so much..)

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“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

- Winston Churchill

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“Tactfulness” is political correctness running amok.

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Understanding the feelings of others and thinking before you speak or act.

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To me I guess being tactful is being thoughtful. It means not blurting out whatever is on the tip of your mouth, but trying to frame it in a way which is appropriate/not hurtful and maybe professional if in a work context.

I think it is a complimentary quality on the whole, though occasionally it could be interpreted as being “diplomatic”. Sometimes honesty is more refreshing, but being tactful is extremely important to avoid hurting people’s feelings.

An example of being tactful would be to inform someone that they haven’t got the job by saying “there were other candidates who were just more well suited for the position”. This would be instead of saying “You were not a good candidate”.

I hope this makes sense! :)

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Tactful… sensitive, diplomatic, courteous, judicious, kind in words – thoughtful in deeds. If what you want to say is making you smirk, it is probably not tactful.

“Good, Lord Tabitha! How fat you are since last we’ve seen each other!” (not tactful)
“Tabitha, your voluptuous beauty leaves me breathless, my sweet.” ;)

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