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What medical conditions are treatable with stimulants?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13219points) November 21st, 2017

Also can you substitute coffee or pop ?

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Ritilan is used for ADD in children. Bazaar how a stimulant is used to treat kids with this problem. Who figured out that it might work? It seems counterintuitive. I have no idea if every day stimulants like caffeine are effective for ADD. I doubt it.

Narcolepsy is sometimes treated with stimulants. I think some breathing problems are treated with stimulants?? I’m not sure.

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Narcolepsy is the one I think a stimulant could be used.

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Amphetamines have been used for weight loss, alcohol hangover, narcolepsy, depression, hyperactivity in children, and vomiting associated with pregnancy. The side effects, however, have proven to be detrimental

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Headaches can sometimes be treated with caffeine. Caffeine is an ingredient in many OTC pain meds…

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@JLeslie -

from a pediatrician

Kids with ADHD are constantly self-stimulating. They wiggle, they talk out of turn, and their mind doesn’t seem to turn off. Their thought processes are non-linear. They talk while brushing their teeth and wiggling their foot at the same time. They seem to do everything except follow directions. When you give a stimulant to such a child, they no longer have such an urgent need to self-stimulate. Non-medication stimulants also work, although for limited amounts of time. If you give an ADHD child a lollypop, which provides oral stimulation, they are more likely to listen and follow directions. ADHD kids usually have no problem paying attention to video games, which provide constant visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation. Reading books and following directions, however, are not stimulating activities. ADHD kids will try to get through these experiences by self-stimulating through wiggling, talking, etc. If you give them a stimulant medication, they no longer have the need to self-stimulate.

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^^Interesting. Thanks.

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