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We've got another new member for the 40K party!

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20887points) November 22nd, 2017

And that’s Chyna!

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Ho’omaikai! Give thanks!

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Chyna deserves a party with all the sweets and sugary and honey and pies and cakes and candies there are in the world!
Because she’s the sweetest!
Congratulations, Chyna, I’ll meet you in that fancy 40K mansion of yours in 2024

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Can the house stand this much excitement??? Congrats!

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You did a great job, my dude. 10/10

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I lurve you so much, @chyna! You’ve been such a kind support through so many years for many of us, and I hope now that you’re facing some challenges of your own, that we can pay back the kindness. Hugs!!

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This is just S U P E R I O R !

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@chyna You are one of my best friends on Fluther. A fellow dog lover, a genuinely kind person, a great sense of humor, too many good qualities to list. I count meeting you in RL among the many blessings that being on this site has given me. Congratulations on a great achievement! Hope you get all your strength back soon!

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@Chyna – Many congrats and very well done..)

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Thank you! It took me 9 long years to get here, but I’ve enjoyed Fluther this whole time. There are some that I miss, that have died or just left. But it is the same in real life. People come and go through your life that make a difference. All of you have made a good difference in my life. And I am truly lucky to have met some of you all in real life or in phone calls.

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40Kongratulations @chyna 40,000 lurve is no mean feat.

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^You might say it’s well above average.

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WOW, what’s the view like from the upper levels ?

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You are one of the dearest people on Fluther with just enough spice to keep us in line. I love you Sweetie and am so glad to share Fluther with you.

Mazel Tov – as we Jewish people say.

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* W * O * W *

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Damn girl! Congratulations : )

Please enjoy this video of Wet Dogs Swimming in Slow Motion

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Great googlie wooglie! Congo rats to a wonderful contributor! You are a terrific asset to this site!

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Hey @chyna – You’re definitely American made!
Congratulations on the well deserved 40k!
You were one of the first to greet me when I arrived here so long ago. As you mentioned in your wonderful post above this has been like life. Over the years we’ve seen people move through tough times and traumas, good things and bad, stressful events and thankful, promising ones. We’ve all watched each other grow.
Thanks for all you have done It’s been an honor to know you.

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Congratulations! That is a really big mansion!

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How marvelous! Congratulations, @Chyna!

What a wonderful party for a wonderful jelly. Thank you for all that you bring to Fluther.

(40K! Woot!)

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I’ve been eagerly waiting for this day the past few months. You are my favorite jelly!
Much love to you @chyna. I’m bringing the cookies to the party.

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@Aethelwine Perfect cookies!! Thank you!

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@Aethelwine Those are adorable!

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Happy 40k!

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Sorry I’m so late. I wanted to find just the right gift.
(Okay, NOW it works)

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@Patty_Melt Thank you for the singing dogs! They were fantastic. Of course the boxer refused to sing.

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Missed this one too. Congrats, @chyna. A true fluther vet.

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Edited. Redacted…

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Jesus, I’ve really fallen behind, huh?

Grats, Chyna!

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@asmonet Hiya, hiya, hiya!

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hello :)

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Good to see you @asmonet !!!

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You’re all so lurved! :0

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Smone. Hi.

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Well done. Enjoy the view!

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