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Do you wish to be someone else?

Asked by dopeguru (1377points) November 22nd, 2017

Do you ever wish you had a different life? Be someone else?

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I have done, when I was younger, sometimes anyone but me. I found that by volunteering in various local programs I could become happy with who I was while helping others out. Was productive and made me feel better about myself and my life.
As I got older, probably in my early twenties, I learned to live in my own skin and live in the moment. Try to live your life so you will have no regrets. It is impossible, you will always have some but at least it minimizes them.

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Nope. I’m fine with who am I. I have been struggling with some issues but who doesn’t?

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I have abused wishes in the past. I don’t know what I want.

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No. I’m good.

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I’ve wished for different circumstances and/or to undo things (and decades) I’ve done, and to have other traits or super-powers but not being someone else – I’m not quite sure what that would mean, exactly.

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Be someone else? No. Have a different life? Very often.

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I would love to reside in a different body, and I wouldn’t mind a different brain either honestly.

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^haha..I can understand body but why brain?

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My brain is better at worrying than it is at being happy :/

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Someone else? No. But I do wish I could change certain aspects about myself. I wish I was extremely charismatic and intelligent like my father. Instead I’m a socially awkward penguin with a walnut for a brain ha

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