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What question do you get if you click on "I forgot my password" in Yahoo email?

Asked by flo (11139points) November 22nd, 2017

What does it ask for? Does it ask what is the phone number that ends with ..(gives you the last 2 digits)?
Also what happens if you try to copy and paste it into your Gmail or whatever else?

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I didn’t get the second part of the question. What do you wanna copy / paste and where? Also it’s simple DIY type question which would be easier to check yourself rather than waiting for answer here!

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My question is ‘who was your first boyfriend?’

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^Good can give imaginary name also so hard to guess unless someone knows you very well..)

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Yahoo forgot about me because I didn’t use my account for a long time. I will never forgive them.

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Thanks all. Ok, that what I described in the detail only happened because I didn’t do the CAPTCHA.

So, do you enter a wrong password it says it’s wrong, and then you enter another one it gets you to prove you’re not a robot (do a lot of CAPTCHAs) , so you think phew the password is ok, then it gives you a check for you’re not a robot but then it tells you that the password is wrong? By the way does it makes you do a lot of CAPCHAs even if you’re correct?

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On mine, it wants to send an unlock key, to another email (my default one is my Mom’s. )

It’s a pain.

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@MrGrimm888 what is an unlock key?

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^Like a temporary password. Once I get logged back in, I try to change my password, but it won’t stay. VERY frustrating. I have had lots of problems with yahoo in the past couple years.

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