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Should there be an age related standard regarding the seriousness of sexual harassment allegations?

Asked by josie (28174points) November 22nd, 2017
John Conyers has been accused of sexual harassment. The linked article makes references to incidences that occurred two or three years ago.
That would have made Connors about 85 years old.
I could be wrong, but I bet there is probably not enough Viagra on Earth to make an 85 year old guy a true threat, if not a joke, to any female.
It is sort of like being named in a paternity suit.
If I was 30, I would be sweating bullets.
If I was 85, I might be saying, “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time”
Isn’t there an age where you have to figure it’s sort of pathetic?

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Just like the woman who claimed George HW Bush grabbed her ass from his wheelchair.

Bother Bush and Conyers are old enough to know better, and should not get a senior discount on behavior.

Speaking of pathetic, Joe Barton should not be sending nude selfies to anyone. I don’t care if he was dating and it was consensual, that man should always be clothed.

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Most sexual harassment suits aren’t about the actual physical actions. They are about the sense of power on both sides of the accusation. The harasser believes he can act however he wants and get away with it. The victim is usually made to feel they have to put up with the actions. So no…old guys can still be harassers and be held accountable. The only exception I might give is if the old guy has dementia. I could understand some demented old guy grabbing some young girl’s butt. That really isn’t sexual harassment, though technically I guess it could be sexual imposition. But the guys mental status would prohibit any actual law suit going forward.

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