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How do I invent this?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (1024points) November 22nd, 2017

When we go camping it’s a turrible ordeal getting our old German shephard, Dakota, in and out of the camper. She can’t do steps. We have a handicap ramp for her at home. But the camper is a different story.
I want to get a car jack and make a crate on top to hold her and simply jack her up and down from the ground to floor level of the camper and vise versa. In our camper we have two entrances so we can designate the back one for her if the jack isn’t terribly portable.
Bring it please! What jack, what crate? How do i create this?
Money IS a consideration.

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No need to invent if she can walk up a ramp. The link includes both steps and ramps. Many of them look quite portable.

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Yep, I know people who have dog car ramps like that and have seen them in action, working well even for a dog bigger than a German Shepherd.

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Have you tried a wooden board?

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What about a Motorcycle Scissor Jack ? $75.00 on Amazon, probably cheaper elsewhere.
Easy to modify/add sides to

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@Dutchess_lll For people there is a surgilift which holds the person/German shepherd in a sling which is raised and lowered for the transportation. Just a thought.

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Hi y’all. Been Camping and Thanksgiving all week. Ill look at everything more closely when I get home. Grandkid pics to come!!!
We need to measure but I dont think a motorcycle jack will go high enough.
She can do a ramp. Rick made her a handicap ramp for the back deck but its like 20 feet long. Its not very steep.
We have a portable ramp but its not nearly long enough. Its too steep for her to get up by herself. Plus its not very stable.
An inexpensive lift would be perfect.

A 20 ft board would work Raggy, but wed have to have it hinged for storage.

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A bit off-topic, but what happened to you Dutchess? Where’s your old account?

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Stuck with using my phone all week. Had a snaffu getting back in. Managed to do this after 2 days of working on it.
I want you guys to know its me tho.

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JLeslie…yours is looking the best. But at $200 Ill have to start another Go Fund Me!

I need somethimg for my daughter too. That lift would be perfect for both.

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I was surprised how expensive it is. Maybe there is something similar that’s cheaper. I wanted to get a table on wheels that goes up and down for my employees, but hadn’t looked into it yet. If I find something I’ll let you know. Let me know if you find something cheaper. I need it for batteries, which are very heavy, so I need a rather sturdy one that can carry a lot of weight.

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I will. Its worth 200 to me.

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The quality definitely matters to me in this case, for safety reasons, so if I have to pay for quality I will. Obviously, in the case of your dog it’s important too.

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I trained my dog to put his front paws on the tailgate of my truck, then wait while I lifted his butt in.

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I’m visualizing both combined.
Suppose you fix a ramp to the doorway on hinges, so it can be lifted up and over to lie inside. Then, with dog on the ramp, you could jack up the free end enough for the ramp to be less steep. Once dog is in, fold the ramp over the rest of the way, so that it rests on the floor.
Sort of a drawbridge.
Or maybe catapault. (Kidding.)

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I’m visualizing lots of things too @Patty!

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Hi guys! It’s me in my own skin. Bestest week of my life!
Tomorrow I’m going to check further into @JLeslie‘s link. I need to know how heavy it is and I didn’t see those specs in the add. I’m worried about it getting stolen so if we have to put it in the truck or in the camper we need to be able to lift it.
My son, though, said he might be able to rig up an undercarriage storage thing.

Thanks for your responses even though you weren’t sure who I was.

OK, on my phone I suddenly had to log in again. My username is Dutchess_III (3 capital I’s) but on my phone it wanted the crossbars on the top and the bottom and Fluther wouldn’t accept it.
So then I tried all lower case l’s….well, that wasn’t it, but I was able to set up a new account with it. So if you see me again, know that I am on my phone and it is me.
So, thanks.

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Found it! I woke up this morning thinking “I need to google ‘pet lift’”! Duh! And found this.

Only 25 lbs and a LOT less expensive.

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That thing does not go down to ground level, though.

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Oh she can manage the few inches at the bottom.

I need some help with the specs though. It just says it’s 36”. Is that referring to the bed size, or the maximum height it will go?

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I would say it refers to the diagonal of the surface.
It looks like the minimum elevation is between 40 and 60 cm.

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Interesting. Thanks for the update.

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The seller emailed me back with the specs. I was also concerned about the weight, which I learned is 50 pounds…might be a bit difficult for me at this point in my life, but not impossible.

Table Height Range: 72–84cm / 28.34–33.07”
Max.Arm Height: 100cm / 39.37”
Table Top Thickness: 2.5cm / 0.98”
Base Size: 68 * 46cm / 26.77 * 18.11”
Table Size: 90 * 60 * 2.5cm / 35.43 * 23.62 * 0.98” (L * W * T)
Product Weight: 22.4kg / 49.38LB

Wait…does that say the lowest it goes is 28.35 inches??

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Yes. It is a work table, not a lift.

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It says it’s a lift.
Well, I messaged the seller and asked if he had anything that would drop further down.

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No, it says it is a “grooming table”.

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I stand corrected. Hell, 28 inches would be about the same as picking her up and putting her in the camper. It’s at 33”.

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maybe you can use this thing, if you put a board on it.

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That looks like it would be perfect!! I wonder what those metal braces hanging down are for, or if they’re needed.

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Dang it. I don’t see any specs. Do you?

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Uh. Minimum is 17”. Max is only 22” I need 33”

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Hmm…like use it with a sling? It doesn’t look like it folds down flat for storage tho.

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