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How many months until your debt is paid?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13204points) November 23rd, 2017

My non student loan debt will be paid by December 20. What about you?

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I’m debt free since 1998.
And before that, from ‘67 till ‘93.

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Debt free since the mortgage was paid off in ~1995.

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Paid off my mortgage two years ago.

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Thanks @all congratulations.

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we are in perpetual loan debt

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I still have a mortgage. Probably ten years at least.

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I’m in @anniereborn ‘s boat.

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What is debt?

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I have a mortgage that still has 28 years and 10 months to go, or, maybe it’s 13 years 10 months? I don’t remember if I talked my husband into the 15 year loan. And, a bond through the county that is 28 years that is related to the same house. I can pay them both off now if I want to. I decided I wanted to leverage this house a little, because I might turn it into a rental.

I have a lease on my car that has about 2.5 years to go.

I think that’s it.

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Total debt free as of around five years ago.

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Do medical bills count? If they do then I will never be debt free. I have no credit card debt or student loans or mortgage or car loans or owing family money

But my medical bills could buy a small town in Nebraska.

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I’ll be in a position to pay off my mortgage in one years time but I’ll probably let it run its twelve year course.

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Not until 2027..(

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Hmmm…about three years after I die.

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1/ i is the price of a perpetuity.

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I won’t know until all the biopsies are done.

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Three more years on a car, probably 10 to 12 on the house.

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