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Why is egg nog not avalable year round?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13197points) November 23rd, 2017

Sounds like a business opportunity. If I start a business , can I make year round egg nog?

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It already is. There are a few brands (here, in the States, at least) that are available in cans or boxes and don’t need refrigeration. Bordens is one such product.

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It isn’t available because there isn’t a large enough demand for it year round. People don’t want to drink it when it is warm out, so it is only manufactured during the fall and winter.

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I agree with @zenvelo .

Besides, it is materials intensive (traditionally made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites and egg yolks) which means keeping a lot of inventory and a lot of manual mixing in a dairy, which only makes money from mass production and fast assembly lines.

Extra effort = extra cost – lower profits. So it’s not worth it for most dairies to devote an assembly line to Egg nog.

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@zenvelo and @elbanditoroso, excuse me fellas, but it is available! Just not not perishable form. I’ve had the canned stuff from Borden year ‘round. From my grocery store shelf.

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Here’s detailed information on this topic.

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@canidmajor – the non-perishable stuff tastes like drywall paste (at least to me). I can’t imagine the preservatives they put into it.

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Because it is disgusting.

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@canidmajor I don’t question that canned egg nog is available some places , but where I live it is not stocked, not at Safeway, not at Whole Foods, and not at the local market. And that’s because there is no demand for it.

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Ugh. But it is available, as asked by the OP, whether you can get it in your store or not, whether it tastes like crap or not. <eye roll>

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Part of the reason that it may not be as readily available at other times of the year is that it is associated in people’s minds with the holiday season. Many people may think that it does not feel right to have eggnog in the summer. In the U.S we associate pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce with Thanksgiving. I doubt that they are eaten to nearly the same extent at other times of the year.

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Because it’s horrid shite that people only pretend to like during the holidays.

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It is not available year-round, because Santa’s elves are busy basking in the weak sun at the North Pole during their short summer. They don’t have time to milk the chickens while they put on SPF 100 sun block.

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@Hawaii_Jake – I naively thought that all the elves were basking on Waikiki beach during the spring and summer….

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Sh! We’re not supposed to tell anyone!

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I might be the one person who would be thrilled to have eggnog year round. Last year, I bought extra cartons (not Borden’s which they don’t sell in the stores here year round, although it’s not bad, but fresh is better) and froze them. So I had eggnog at least for several more months. I love eggnog so much, that it doesn’t last long at my house.

Have you guys tried using eggnog to make French toast? It’s super yummy.

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My mother used to make eggnog every Christmas Eve, or was that morning? I thought it was something people made themselves, there is certainly no secret recipe, although I imagine everybody had their own recipe.

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