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Which is second most popular language on Fluther?

Asked by imrainmaker (8347points) November 23rd, 2017

And why?

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I’m going to guess French, since there are more people knowing the language than other languages.

C’est vrai? Qui parle francais ici? ~

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I don’t know why you guys are treating this as spam..This is legitimate question I have asked. Currently i see many French expressions being used which surprises me a bit. That’s why I wanted to check whether it has been the case always or not?

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@imrainmaker Yeah, I can see that some people here know French. My guess is that the third is either Japanese or Finish.

As for the question, I’m aware that some of them may be genuine. But most of them are just spammers trying to make their questions legitimate. A new user who just joined and immediately asks that kind of question is quite suspicious. When I’m in doubt, I always use whois to see if there’s anything suspicious about the website, something like the website being set up recently or expired is a red flag.

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^I’m not a new user now I guess..) Have been around for a year atleast.

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I think @Tropical_Willie was making a joke that the second most popular language on Flutter is spam. Not that your question is a spam one.

Unless I’m misunderstanding. If that’s the case I blame my not having caffeine yet this morning! ;)

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^Yes, @Tropical_Willie was making a joke that spam is the second most popular language.

答えは日本語ではありません。Translation: The answer is not Japanese.

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Ohh..Ok. my bad. I saw ~ at the end and knew he was joking..) But follow up question from @mimi made me to think otherwise.

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Although it might not be used that frequently by the jellies who know it, I’d say that Hebrew is perhaps the second most known language here.

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I think it might be German.

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“Most popular” is very ambiguous. Can you define what you mean? I do think we have more native German speakers (2) than those from another country but is that what you mean?

We used to have quite a few Dutch members but now there is only one that I know of.

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@janbb – By popular i meant language which is discussed more compared to others or used while greeting people etc. other than English.

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@imrainmaker In that case, i think that questions regarding French have been most often asked.

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And we are even not 100 percent sure whether he is indeed Dutch.

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@rebbel I’d check his credentials any time!

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@janbb Ah, you call it credentials in English.

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English—the second language of a few of us.

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That’s not fair, @bob_ , that’d mean English would be first and second language on Fluther :-)

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@rebbel What do you call a person who only speaks one language? American :)

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Math, or numbers. There are lots of math questions, and numbers used for sharing information.

It is said that if we encounter intelligent alien life one day, math is what we will use to try to communicate with them. 2+2=4, here, and everywhere. Math is the only universal language.

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Everywhere? Not in a base three system. 2+2=11.
People tend to believe ten is the best number to base in mathematics, but most of us are born with ten hand digits and ten foot digits.
If an alien life lived by a different base system, we could be left standing around with our shoulders shrugged.

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^Good points. Math would likely still be our best bet.

I am, happily, unfamiliar with the “base 3” system. And I live on this planet…

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The Queens English?

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High school english like without punctuation i mean its not even txtspk and I h8 it.

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