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Which kind of CAPTCHA is better, letters and numbers or pictures of items?

Asked by flo (11452points) November 24th, 2017

As asked.

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I think pictures, for now at least, while neural net research is still at the current stage.
I feel like letters and numbers should be easy for OCR systems.

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I think so too, except once in a while a picture not so clear.

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I guess picture where you need to select particular object from the group. But IMO they should change type of object also for new request as on some sites every time it asks for same type.

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@imrainmaker I’ve never come across those sites, but sounds good.

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I find I can never decipher those blurry photos of numbers, so the image selection ones work better for me.

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Better in what sense? Lately I have been more annoyed as a user by the picture ones, because they seem ridiculous when it’s not even clear to a human which boxes should satisfy the question.

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None -in my view all of them are s pain in the ass.

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@Demosthenes At least if they give you a chance to pick another one it’s good.

Better in a sense that it’s not confusing @Zaku
@NomoreY_But they need them, we need them too. don’t you think?

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@flo In that case, I personally prefer a text captcha that is not so distorted that it’s hard to get right as a human.

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@Zaku they don’t seem as distorted as they used to years and years ago I think.

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