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I do not like having a nanny or cleaner. I find it an invasion of privacy. Is that weird?

Asked by chinchin31 (1723points) November 24th, 2017

I just feel like I would not hang out with any nanny or cleaner in real life or trust them in real life, so why should I have them around my house or with my kids? Also, I feel that after a while they know too much about you, and I find that creepy.

If you have hired help, how do you feel about the whole situation?

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Feeling that way is not weird. However, it is also not practical.
Some are professional enough to ease your fears by not showing their personality, just do the job.
Sometimes people feel creepy about doctors, or cops, or other professionals they must have contact with. All one can do is find the best professional they can, an go forward with things, hoping the feeling will be better later.

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The people I have had help (cleaners and nannies) have often times become part of the family.

I had my brother’s housemate come in every morning to be with my kids and drive them to school. She was with us for 9 years, until my kids left for college.

But it isn’t weird, it is a matter of what you are comfortable with.

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I ran a cleaning business for many years. The person who cleans your home sees things that your friends never wIll. I recall the time I was cleaning the bedroom of the son of one of my clients and I discovered a stash of pornographic magazines underneath his bed. I deliberated whether to tell her and I finally decided that if I were her I would want to know so I told her.

I agree with Patty that sometimes hiring a maid is the only way to keep up with the housework. If you are concerned about your privacy, consider installing locks on doors you do not want them to enter. And if you can manage it, make sure you are home while they are cleaning.

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I can understand how it may be seen as an invasion of privacy since they will have access to a personal level of your existence that otherwise only family members would. Our situation is more like zenvelo’s, though. Our nanny/housecleaner has been with us so long that she’s really become more like a member of the family. At this point we know her well, including her own family, and we know she’s trustworthy. It’s not for everyone, though, I guess. Do you feel you require hired help but are hesitant about it?

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I would generally rather manage my own space but I have known maids & cleaning people who were wonderful and lack of trust would not be an issue. And I think I have had things stolen by others (e.g. in a hotel).

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Also i feel that after a while they know too much about you and i find that creepy.

Do you use Google and Facebook?

I can clean my own stuff. If I go balls to the wall I can clean my crib in 2 hours.

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“I just feel like i would not hang out with any nanny or cleaner in real life or trust them in real life so why should i have them around my house”

When I asked my psychiatrist about this very same thing he said he would schedule a double session for me and that was the last time I saw him.

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Not all cleaning people are low life. I had several clients who were also close friends. I have always been scrupulously honest with everyone, and so I managed to build my business mostly on word of mouth. That meant I had to keep my reputation spotless, or everything went in the toilet.

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There is something unsettling about inviting a stranger into you home and your life but sometimes we find we need to. I think that after the initial period of discomfort you will find that it is easier once them become a familiar occurrence in your home.

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