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How old were you when your mother died?

Asked by MooCows (3185points) November 24th, 2017

I have many friends that still have their mothers but
I lost mine when I was 48. How old were you?

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I don’t remember exactly. I was maybe 36.

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I have my mother but lost my father in my late 20’s.

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My mother died when I was 60.

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I got my mom but I lost my dad a while ago.

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I am 62; my mother is still with us and will be 94 in a couple weeks.

My father died when I was 52; he was 82 at the time.

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I was 53.

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At least 63.

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I was 45 when my mother died. She was 71.

In January, 2018, I’ll be the same age that she was when she passed away.

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Five days before my 43rd birthday.

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@Brian1946 Hope to still see you again then…

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Father was killed when I was ten.

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My Mom died when I was 49.
My Dad died when I was 27.
I was with both of them when they passed.

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I was 48 when my mother died.

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I was in my early 40’s when both of my parents died within a few weeks of each other, thirty years ago.

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I was a couple of months away from turning 30.

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64, my mom just passed on a few weeks ago. We lost dad in late Dec.2012. Both were pushing 90 yrs old and both passed peacefully in their sleep. So no complaints I guess.

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On edit- condolences to those of you who lost parents at a younger age. Very sad.

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She’s been dead to me since I was 21. She’s probably still breathing somewhere.

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I lost my mom when her Alzheimer’s symptoms started setting in when I was 35.
However she is still “alive” at the age of 92 (I’m 49)

My dad died when I was only 13.

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@anniereborn. Both of those things are very sad.

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Many Jellies will remember.

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Dunno. Might be she still breathes somewhere.

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My mother passed when I was 47.

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I am fortunate to still have my mom. I hope I still have her for a good while. I’m 25.

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