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How many Fluthers wrote poetry,songs, and stories?

Asked by redsgirl4eva (262points) August 14th, 2008

I myself do and I was just wondering if there is any others that do.

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I used to write poetry but that was during my teenage angst days and they used to prompt all my English teachers to send me to the guidance counselor and school psychologist. I don’t write much anymore… lol

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I’m writing a story, or novel whatever you want to call it. i hope to publish it as soon as i’m done.

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When my children were small, I made up many bedtime stories for them and later wrote them down. Currently, I write “slice of (my) life” essays. When I have a few more completed, I hope to find a publishing outlet for them. My two loves are writing and woodworking/crafting/refinishing, and this fall I’m going to try combining the two into a workable career. Wish me luck!

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@Wrest: you, too

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i have been creating a song in honor of this site, i’ll share it with you guys when i’m done with all the lyrics.

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I am writing al the time. It is my lifeblood.

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I’m working on a novel and have been for about a year. I also write songs, both the music and lyrics.

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Thanks everyone for answering. I don’t want to ever publish what I write but I have wondered if anyone would read it do you know how I can find out without publishing?

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How about a blog?

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@ augustian What do u mean a blog for what to let people see my writing? How would I know if people read and what they thought of them?

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If you use a blog format, email the site to everyone you know, asking them to email it to everyone they know & so on. You could set up polls for people to vote (worth reading? piece of crap?, etc.) or just ask readers to leave comments with their honest critiques. If you do make one, PM me with the link for the site, and I’ll be happy to read your stuff. :)

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@augustian thanks so much. I will try it. Do you know of a good site where I can do a blog for my writings?

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@reds: Sadly, I am not a blogger, so I don’t know the answer, but I’m sure others on Fluther could help you. Search for questions about this topic, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, ask a new question.

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LiveJournal has a ton of writing communities. You can find places to get peer editors, constructive criticism, prompts for when you’re blocked, fact checkers… Anything.

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I’ve been composing songs since I was a toddler. Recently, I started actually writing them down and performing them. I even put some on a myspace music account, just for kicks.

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@redsgirl4eva Blogger is easy to use.

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You can also try . It’s free, it will give you a choice of templates and you can get started immediately with your own personal blog. I’ve gotten as far as choosing a template and a name, but haven’t posted anything yet.

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The thing with Blogger is that you still have to find people who’ll read your stuff. That’s a lot easier on LJ with the communities.

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When I was in Year 6 ( = Grade 6??) I helped my friend Kelly write a poem and it turned out great. So great in fact, that the teacher Miss Baldwin had it framed and put on the wall and Kelly got a special prize! The trauma has put me off poetry for life.

In Year 9 I decided to try my hand at story writing and wrote an epic in English Lit class about a magical raven-girl called, wait for it, Raven. I was pretty smug with myself, until my teacher Ms Ehrinburg read it and declared enthusiastically that with my style of prose, I should write a Mills and Boon. Gah!

As for music, in a mind-altered state I once rapped for three hours solid at a party for the entertainment of all those too wasted to remove themselves from my vicinity. I am told my most triumphant rhyme was ‘Australia’ with ‘paraphernalia’. There was to be no encore, by popular emphatic demand.

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I write poetry and short stories once in a while, when inspiration strikes me. Come to think of it, I’ve written parody lyrics for a song or two, too.

Here’s a link to my latest poem, which is about the Boston commuter rail system.

For some reason lame poetry and song parodies are MUCH easier for me than prose fiction. I have to really sweat to write a short story, but when the poetry bug bites the stuff just pours out of my brain.

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I’ve been the subject of stories, songs, poems…..not all good might I add! What a legacy!
I write for myself, primarily to remind myself that I’m like most people in this world…..worthy of expressing my thoughts, regardless of how they’re expressed.

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@ mee_ouch I do the something but I would like to know if they are any good for others to enjoy I know I enjoy them but maybe I am just partial because I have written them.

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I’m afraid if I were to ever seek publication, I’d be bombarded with rejection letters….
It’s all about timing I suppose. That and friends in high places….

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@ mee_ouch I agree with you

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I’ve put pen to paper a time or two.

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I write songs without words.

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Wow… This is an old thread, and I’m not sure how I came across it, but I’m going to post in it anyways.
I write a little bit of everything. :) Mostly poetry, and songs.

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