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Can't Read Because of Attention Problems, in Honors English, Don't Know What to Do?

Asked by JennWithOneN (376points) November 25th, 2017

I’ve been developing bad attention problems since middle school, and very recently it’s gotten so bad that I can’t read any novels or even listen to the audiobooks, and I’ve told my psychiatrist and he’s given me meds, and I thought they were working, but I don’t think so anymore, and I can’t meet him again for 3 months, and I have to read half a book by Monday, and I tried reading it and listening to the audiobook, but I can’t. I’m going into AP English next year as well; I’m good at comprehending and analyzing information, BUT I CAN’T EVEN GET THE INFORMATION IN MY HEAD.

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In the end you can’t force yourself to read what you don’t want to. I had the same problem and I was prescribed Luvox , and I discontinued it after a week. I ended up skipping school to sleep. I graduated from High School. You should consider focusing on learning for fun. Not as a chore. With you using your time at your discretion.

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Have you tried stimming while reading or listening to the audiobook?

I like to listen to lectures while I crochet or cook or wash dishes. My brain is more open to auditory information while my hands are busy with mundane tasks that don’t require a lot of thought.

Try reading while walking on a treadmill – or down the sidewalk if you don’t have one (be careful!). You might also try something like clicking a pen in your dominant hand while reading. The idea is to keep the motor areas of your brain distracted so you’re not so restless, and the language centers can function.

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I think if your meds are not working you should be able to call the psychiatrist who prescribed them, and you should.

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You might want to consider dropping down a level in English. Even though you’re good at analysis, the workload might not be good for you. Also, consider staying offline for most of the day. I know I find it affects my concentration. And do see if you can get your meds looked at sooner.

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