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What's the weirdest "spam" subject you've ever seen?

Asked by Rickisgirl (285points) August 14th, 2008

I just got one titled “Fight breaks out between Brittany’s breasts.” Huh?

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Oh, I’ve had some really funny ones. Unfortunately, this is the only spam screen cap I have access to right now. Sometimes they can be so funny.

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Hehe. I made this a few years ago, in High School. There’s some reasonable stuff on there, mostly submitted by classmates and teachers. My write-up on the “about” page is awful.

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ROFLOL so weird

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it was for a penis enlargement pill. “Fuck like a horse” i mean ive heard the whole be as big as a horse, but fucking like a horse? now thats something.

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so, uberbatman, you bought it? ;~)

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@ uberbatman lol

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just found these in my spam folder:

“BREAKING NEWS: Osama is gay. Watch the Proof.”
“BREAKING NEWS: Bush Down to 8 Friends on Myspace”
“BREAKING NEWS: God Destroys Boise For Not Being Gay Enough”
“Microsoft Delays Launch of Stephen Hawking Vista”

Sometimes you get these small paragraphs that are written like stories, but are completely incoherent. Those are always fun

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Britney Speas flashes huge gross nipples
Britney Spears sues vagina for divorce

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@zarnold: I get those silly stories all the time!

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it must be the lobster e mail,anyone remember that?

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