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Do you think TED hose will help the swelling in my feet and ankles?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44183points) November 27th, 2017

I can’t see the doc until Wednesday. Last night I remembered that my husband has some TED hose and I asked if I could wear them. He was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis several years ago. He refuses to wear them. I don’t know why. They’re tan and they look exactly like his dress socks.
Anyway, they seemed to help but it may be all in my mind. I set out today to get some white ones for myself (tan dress socks look stupid with sneakers! Although…I could have worn regular white socks over them. Just now thought of that.)
The pharmacist said they would help. But Fluther knows better than the professionals. Could they actually hurt instead?

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Yes, but….

TED hose, like all other compression types of legwear, come in various degrees of pressure and the elastic is stronger in certain parts of the leg.

Some people need 20–30 mmhg of compression, others 30–40, and so on. Most TED Hose are in the 12–18 range. And that’s for legs.

Some hose have more elastic lower on the leg (ankle) and others more up on the calf.

You likely want to have compression on the legs (not foot or ankle) – its the inability of the LEG to clear the liquids in your legs that is making the ankles swell.

…All of which is a long way around to say – it probably won’t hurt you to wear TED or other compression socks, but to do it ‘right’ you should ask your doctor what the best sock pressure is for your legs and your degree of swelling.

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I will. Thanks.

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Raise your feet while laying on your bed for a while. Works for me.

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Yup! Patients are prescribed TED hoses in the hospital. But as stated above, ask your doctor first

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@elbanditoroso nailed it.

I would add that you may want to get your kidney levels checked, while you’re at the doctor’s office.

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I’ll do that @flameboi.

Dude, @MrGrimm88,8 I’ve been going in twice a week for blood labs for the last 3 weeks, since I landed in the hospital for a whole weekend. Can’t wait to see that bill.

@Sunshinegirl11 TED hose are not “prescribed.” They’re OTC. I went and bought some at the pharmacy yesterday. I imagine they have them at Walmart too.

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These things shore keep your legs warm. First snow I’m gonna run out and get some for the kids!

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Sorry Dutch. I wasn’t aware. Hope things work out.

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It’s OK. Sorry…I’m really frustrated with it all. I have about 10 different pills I’m taking for all this shit. AND I was on muscle relaxers last week, 2X a day, that my son gave me because his two year old threw my back out!
But I’ll be done with 8 of them soon. Have a doctor’s appt today. Almost can’t wait! I had blood drawn on Monday but no one has gotten back to me on the results so….

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Doc said the TED hose were perfect.

AND my sodium is at 133!! Almost normal!

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