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Do you have any message for Ivanka?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) November 28th, 2017

She’s in Hyderabad today for Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

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Make sure to check out Hederabad Best Clothes Shopping Store ~

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Is she shopping for a washing machine?

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I think she could get her appliances repaired there.

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We will end up, early tomorrow morning with a question posted, “How do you like my new line of Dresses ? they only look a little like Michelle’s

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She seems hopelessly lost, did she get on the wrong plane?

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She took off with out any State Department or Government officials ???

(maybe a buying tour for her clothing line)

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Nope.. she’s leading the US delegation for the Summit.

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“Your father the pussy grabber is working to get child molester Roy Moore elected to the Senate. Tell us how your family values fit this summit’s theme ‘Women First, Prosperity for All’”

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You look taller than your father.

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