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What do you think of "We deserve better!" as a campaign slogan for the Democrats?

Asked by LostInParadise (26119points) November 28th, 2017

Just when I thought I was getting shock fatigue from Trump’s antics, he refers to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” in front of a picture of Andrew Jackson, while presumably honoring native Americans. Link Is this a clever dog whistle to Trump’s bigoted supporters, or is he really as stupid as he seems? In either case, we most definitely deserve better.

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There is too much me in that slogan. How about You Deserve Better?

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Sorry, but I don’t care about Trump being mean or insensitive. Of course I wish he wasn’t a jerk, but I care more about his policies, which are horrendous. “We deserve better” comes across as simply hating trump, but not offering anything for the American people. I think the phrase “Support The New New Deal for Everyday Americans” is much better.

Hillary Clinton based her entire campaign on “I’m not Trump, so vote for me” and look how that turned out.

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It mainly makes me think of how we deserve a better alternative to the insanely bad recent Republican candidates – that is, we deserve better than most of the current Democratic Party candidates, too.

“We’re not atrocious man-children who only serve corporate interests” is not a compelling party message to me, though with out stupid-as-dirt first-past-the-post voting system, it is sadly a reason to prefer and vote for them.

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~ ~ How about “We will help the Deplorables too !”

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It’s amazing that they could use that unironically. It’s because of who they sold out their party to in the last election campaign that we have who we have now. We’ve deserved better – or not, depending on how well you appreciate Alexis de Toqueville – for years.

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I think that should be the rallying cry of sane Republicans.

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“We can do better” is better. If it’s going to be a Republican rallying cry, then it should be “We shot ourselves in the foot last time but this time we can do better.”

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I think he really is as stupid as he seems. He’s been a spoiled brat for so long, getting away with everything he ever said or did, he isn’t capable of changing now. If he was smarted he’d at least fake it.

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As a slogan it’s meaningless because it states the obvious. It’s like saying “I don’t want to die.” As for the Pocahontas Trumpism, there is no longer any point in trying to distinguish this patricular fkup from the usual assortment of daily appalling insults tumbling from the mouth of our tactless buffoon of a President.

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How about “Let Freedom and Truth be the wind beneath our wings.” and then under that a picture of the American Eagle. Or “let us soar to new heights and into a new age”.
As an anti slogan. Backwards is for losers afraid of winning.
“Has staying at home and not voting improved your life?” No? Then make yourself heard and vote.
The biggest problem isn’t slogan. The biggest problem is apathy. There are more Democrats than there are republicans but they won’t get out and vote. Republicans vote out of fear. So it’s easy to motivate them to vote. But Democrats are too apathetic and Independents are jaded. It’s hard to find people who actually vote for actual reasons that may better the country and preserve our freedom and freedom of speech. Not to relive the past. Not out of fear that our cookies are getting stolen by Mexicans. There needs to be a party that actually stands up for the constitution, and every person and not see corporations as people.
Sadly there aren’t many people like that. The few that exist won’t be elevated into a position of real power.
OMG, I may be an independent. I sound jaded. LOL But I do still hold onto hope and that is why I continue to vote. I know our country was never perfect but we always strive to be better.
How about that. “United to be better than yesterday”.

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I don’t like seeing “deserve” in any kind of slogan. It’s been used in advertising for a long time and has, in my opinion, done a lot to foster an unwarranted sense of entitlement. What you want and what you deserve are probably not the same thing.

Also, as a campaign slogan that could really backfire. How would you like to be a candidate introduced under that banner? “And now, our candidate, Ms. X. We deserve better!”

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this is what comes to mind… if you have 20 minutes to spare…

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I think it’s problematic and as, @CWOTUS says, can be taken ironically; it could also be seen as “We Deserve Better” than the crummy candidate that the Dems are pushing. Something like “The New Deal” (which I know has already been used) or “A Fair Deal for All” would say it better in my opinion.

Oops – I just read what @Jeruba wrote and see she saw the same thing. A coke next time I’m in your hood?

It reminds me of when I worked as a supermarket cashier in high school and my name tag said “Janet” followed by their slogan “Why pay more?” My brothers thought it hysterical!

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Jeremy Corbyn is doing pretty well over here with the slogan “for the many, not the few”.

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@flutherother Maybe we could co-opt it to “for the many, not the Trumps!”

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I certainly will not be looking at party politics next election. I’m straight up looking for who will be able to lead from the center and I don’t think I’ll be alone. Make up any bullshit slogan you want, people are finally seeing past these things now.

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In my opinion, “We Deserve Better” would be a terrific slogan for all Americans.
In my opinion…

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If anyone wants my vote, they have to convince me of two things.

1. The candidates are not self serving, scum.

2. The election process is 100% pure.

Otherwise, no slogans, or even Trump will make me play along in this stupid game. I think voting works, at a grass roots level, but it gets more corrupt, as you move higher into the government.

I don’t trust our government, except to do whatever is in the elite’s best interest. I don’t trust our politicians, except to do whatever they think will get them elected/re-elected, so they can line their own pocket. And between the Bush/Florida debacle, and the Russian involvement, I don’t trust the voting system, or America’s ability to keep it legitimate (if they wanted to.)

These are serious issues, and I don’t see anyone ,in either party, moving in the right direction.

The slogan shows me that the dems have (expectedly) learned nothing. As for those who voted for Trump, they deserve exactly this. I hope they suffer greatly.

Making voting mandatory, would put far better people in office, across the board. Then, people like me,and other jaded individuals, would be forced to vote for the lesser of the two evils. Preventing something like Trump, from happening again.

I believe that the current system is fatally flawed. Lawyers, and politicians, have picked it to pieces for their own advantages. I don’t see any reason for that to change going forward.

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Yes, we do deserve better. But not just better than TRump but better than what the Democratic party is offering up. They have lost their purpose.

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@rojo Yes. Better than Trump, better than any Republican or Democrat. Maybe something new…

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they haven’t lost their purpose. They have abandoned it.

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@stanleybmanly Lost or abandoned, I hope it’s only temporary.
The Republicans seem to have a “win at all costs” mentality. Just look at the interactions of Mitch McConnell and Trump. What a couple of gleeful ghouls!

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The problem with someone like McConnell is that time and time again he is rewarded for his malfeasance with reelection to office. So what incentive is there for him to do any different?

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It is ironic, is it not??

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The thing that bothers me about the Democrats is that when you look at the 2 parties, it is the Republicans with the clear agenda. They have the advantage once you understand that at the top of our government is a club restricted to millionaires who understandably view their own interests as coinciding with those of the country. The Republicans really aren’t tasked with more than a pretense at considering the interests of “the common man” because the “common man” these days wouldn’t recognize anyhthing beyond the most superficial of his interests if they slapped him in the face. The Democrats, on the other hand, every bit as interested in their own prosperity as their Republican counterparts, must mount a more convincing effort in advancing the interests of those unable to bribe them with anything beyond a vote. So the dynamics of government in the country boils down to the interests of those who pay the bribes vs. those who cannot. Democrat or Republican, there’s no such thing as the Senator from skid row.

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