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Ever had a question removed by a mod?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11290points) August 14th, 2008

I had a question and it was up for less than a minute. I was asked to modify the question and I did but it has not been re-posted. How long does it generally take or am I being censored and the question will never appear? What have your experiences been?

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Ooh… I just refreshed and saw the first question transmogrify from something about HD movies to this. I’m assuming it’s because you used the word “illegal” in the headline- it probably flagged your question immediately.

Did you check all the usual suspects (torrent searches) about, um, questions getting removed?

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I’ve had a few removed. Usually I knew they were going to be removed before I posted them :D

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I did. I asked a question that went something like “Women vomiting = sexy?”... noting that a recent TV gameshow called “Hurl” debuted, and it’s all about people eating food trying not to vomit. Additionally, vomiting has taken front and center in sex appeal in pornography: Germany’s on it, Japan’s on it, Brazil’s on it, even America’s on it… hell, I’m on it.

It’s the future.

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No, not yet. I did have answers removed. I argued about one, and it go put back.

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I have not had a Q removed….or a post although I haven’t been on here very long.

How do they get removed? Are you reported or do one of the moderators just have to decide that something is inappropriate?

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@lovelocke: You seem cranky, I’ve noticed that most of your answers today seem a little snarky….not attacking you, just wondering if you’re having a bad day for some reason.

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I don’t think I have. I’ve had many answers removed, though.

Lovelocke, play nice. There’s no need to say things like that. (Also, I doubt the truth of it.)

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I asked what once what is something you have stolen. It was removed because stealing is an illegal activity.

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I had a question removed because I included a web site that sent mosquito netting to African Families for a small donation. A good cause, specifically, but not a good general idea.

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@gail: That might be the reason. The website I listed did have a donation area, but that was certainly not the reason for me posting. Thanks for the info…

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Oh, I totally forgot that was your question.

Sue, the link you included didn’t work, and the page that came up looked an awful lot like spam.

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I just had my first question modded.

I want to make a joke about popping my cherry.

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What did you do! Bad, bad. I’ve had TWO questions modded, one of which was totally and permantly REMOVED. I am such a badass ~

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Asked why my brother was so retarded and said any insight would be appreciated. It was innocent, but yeah, useless. :)

It turned into a bit of a free for all.

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I so wish I hadn’t missed that one.

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