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Do you like Christmas, or dislike it? Why?

Asked by josie (30931points) November 30th, 2017

Don’t bother if you are merely indifferent.

I like it. I like all the decorations and stuff. I pretty much trash up my whole house with trinkets, knick-knacks and lights at Christmas. I even put Christmas lights in my bedroom and bathroom. Chance to party with friends and family that you don’t see often enough during the year.
I like Christmas shopping too. If nothing else it is great people watching. Although parking can be a problem.

Plus although I do not accept the existence of God, and thus the divinity of Jesus Christ, I have to admit that there was clearly something about Jesus Christ that inspired and changed the Western world (and beyond). His fingerprints are all over much of what we think and do. I figure that is worth some sort of acknowledgement.

I missed several Christmas seasons at home in the past and it sucked.

Anyway, I like it.

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I like it. I celebrate it with joy in my heart.

Geez, @josie, you;re making me teary and it is still November.

The Christmas story, a tale of common people overcoming poverty and forced travel to bring a child into the world in the lowest of places, tugs at my heartstrings.

I have visibly teared up at Linus’ retelling of the Gospel of Luke on the Charlie Brown Christmas (I have watched it just about every year for fifty years), to the point my kids check to see if I am weepy.

That’s what Christmas is about, @josie Brown….

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I hate it. Starting in October, I start hearing about it. By mid November, most retail sores have begun playing the tired old Christmas songs in a vomit inducing loop. Retail workers, who struggle with getting hours most of the time, are forced to work Thanksgiving day, so they can’t even sit home with their families. The masses come out shopping in terrible moods, and treat everyone like crap, when they aren’t busy destroying each store that they visit. You really get to see the “goodness” of all humanity, when you are working retail (did that 4 years , part time.)

Xmas tunes will become relentless, as the 25th approaches. I will be completely inundated by lights, and decorations. The world will force me to endure constant Christmas crap, for about two months, and then another month of clean up. After Christmas, the masses will again descend on retailers. This time, even more grumpy, and many will simply return their “gifts,” for the money a loved one spent on them. Others will harass the workers who have nothing to do with store policies, or the fact that the customer is too fat for a XXL, but the store doesn’t have 3XL.

On the day, families will have to navigate through ridiculous traffic, to get somewhere they don’t always want to be, and sit around people who they only see on holidays. In the morning, folks will open presents. Many won’t really care, or use what they were given. At dinner, we will learn who died,who got laid off, who divorced, who is sick, who is in a bad situation so they didn’t make it. Most have to hurry, so they can go to a second party’s house. So they can’t really enjoy either visit.
Ungrateful children will bicker with each other, and try the patience of each family member. Political arguments, and old disagreements, will make company awkward.

The whole “season,” is a clusterfuck of human misery. The poorer you are, the worse it will be. A giant reminder that those of us who have little, and can’t buy presents, are really losers. For me, it will remind me what I have lost, and how pathetic I feel about my financial situation. I’m normally not a jealous type. But seeing all the lavish spending, and waste, by those who “have,” will make me and the “have nots“feel even worse.

The worst part of Christmas, is that it lasts too long, and it’s shoved in everyone’s face. It’s by far, the most stressful, and depressing time of the year.

Just when I think my situation is bad, I’m reminded of how fortunate I really am, compared to billions of other people in this shitty world. So. The richest country in the world will waste more than usual, as millions starve, and suffer. For every kid in America, that gets a new bike, there will be a dozen who don’t know what they will eat that day, in other parts of the world. No doubt there are many Americans, who are so poor, they are in the same boat.

With the world being what it is, I just don’t see anything to celebrate.

As an atheist, there is nothing special about this holiday. It’s just another made up tradition, that reminds me how gullible people are.

I don’t hate those who like Christmas, but please don’t shove it up everyone’s ass. Respect other’s rights to find it a pain, and enjoy your personal life.

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I like it for all the reasons you’ve said; I have little to add. I too put Christmas lights in my bedroom and relish this time of year. I fully understand why people don’t like it, and I don’t care much for the pressure to buy gifts or for the intrusion of the decorations and music into earlier times of the year, but I’ve always loved Christmas, both the religious and the secular side of it.

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I like the winter holiday season, I just wish it would stay in its own freaking sandbox.

All of the things I really like about the Christmas season are the Pagan influences. The Christian contributions take away from it more than they add, I think. I’m in it for the smell of fresh pine boughs, and burning fires, and hearty feasts, and mulled wine, gathering of kin and kind, cheeky kisses under the mistletoe, and fresh-baked cookies for days.

It’s about looking at all the shitty things going on in the world, and the fact that the world is dark and cold and everyone’s basically depressed and saying, “Fuck it, let’s party anyway”.

And if I could have all that without being shoved into Capitalist Retail Hell starting in goddamn August that would be just ducky.

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I like it. I love the music. The pagan tradition of trees, which Christians borrowed. I love being with friends and family.

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Mixed feelings about it. Probably could second all the sentiments expressed above about 50 / 50. I enjoy the food, festivities, and light displays, dispise the crass commercialism and hooplah. And the damn 24/7 Christmas music that starts 5 minutes after Thanksgiving and continues incessantly until Jan. 2nd of the New Year. So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a bah humbug. Yeah- my philosophy in a nut shell.

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I love Christmas. It feels like a few days away from the normal dull routine when you can relax completely and get together with family over a nice meal and exchange presents. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. I even like Christmas music. Christmas Carols on Christmas morning are very special

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I like the holiday but not the materialism associated with it. It is SO stressful.

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I love everything about Christmas except the shopping, which I avoid. Sadly, I live with two people who love shopping, so I can’t fully escape it.

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I like the joy of the season. I like the expressions of lights and carols. I love Trans Siberian Orchestra. Can’t stand the commercialism that comes in with the season. I would rather have my family pitch in and join me in serving at the homeless shelter rather than buy me a gift.

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I pretty much despise everything about it. From the usurped traditions, to the crass materialism, to the obnoxiousness of it all….

I loathe all of it.

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Not anymore. It’s the fakest time of year.

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I’m beginning to hate it. But I have to keep it up for the kids.

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