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What instrument(s) do you play?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) August 14th, 2008

How long have you played it (them)? How long did you study? How often do you play? In what situations do you play? Ensembles? Solo? For fun? Before audiences? Professionally? Coffeehouses? Clubs? Concert Halls? Stadia?

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when I was little I played the piano and when I was a little older I played alto sax. Now I can’t even read music.

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Bassoon, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, and Percussion. I play for my school’s Symphony and Orchestra. I studied for 5 years on Bassoon, 3 1/2 Years on Soprano and Tenor Sax, and 2 years on Percussion. I play often, every school day and some weekends.

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I am a fledgling thereminist. I have been fiddling around with theremins for about 4 years, but I still have not played in public.

I wish I had a hurdy-gurdy, too.

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Whoa! A theremin! How other-worldly! Very cool! How did you get a theremin?

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I built it! I’m a fledgling electronics hobbyist. I built my first one, which eventually broke, and then I bought another cheapo one off Amazon. I want to sew one into a hoodie with a Lilypad Arduino microcontroller and a range sensor. I love theremins, and they’re relatively simple to construct.

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organ, violin, piano, flute and pan pipes, tried to play bag pipes long story.

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Fiddle (only a bit), piano (only a bit)

BoingBoing had an article on theramins in nesting dolls today I believe. Yes! Here:

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fiddle, ahhhh love the sound of it.

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I played classical piano for 11 years. I also sang in high school – made all-state choir every year and ranked 6th first soprano in the state. All of that means nothing now. My son begs me not to sing in front of his friends, but I still do it because it’s my job as a parent to embarass him.

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shame on you…..

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cello and guitar. have been playing cello for 8 years, was in orchestra until a couple years ago now i just do it on my own time.
and been playing guitar forrr…5ish years. and i sing.
my favorite thing in the world is probably playing guitar on my porch swing in nice weather.
aaaaand, making music :)
not very good but i tryyyy

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CD player – beginner level

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not very practical

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Guitar- 5 years. I’ve been in 4 bands as a guitarist.
Vocals- My whole life. I do mostly backing vocals when band mates let me.
Drums- Just started. Work in progress.

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I played the Oboe and English Horn for 7 years while I was in middle and high school and could still play them now but haven’t shelled out the money to purchase them so I could join the local symphony. I’ve played the flute, clarinet and cornet for about the same amount of time but was self-taught on those three and no longer play them. I taught myself how to play the piano and keyboards and have played those for about 18 years off and on. I just recently taught myself how to play the guitar.

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I had piano lessons for quite a few years but stopped when our teacher shut down his business. We sold our piano and lost my sheet music but when we moved into our new house my aunty gave us her piano because they couldn’t fit it in theirs, and I found my sheet music. So now I play whatever I can remember and sometimes try to teach myself new stuff, but only when no one else is home :)

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air guitar.

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I mean this in the least arrogant way possible, but I’ve yet to find an instrument I can’t play.

I’ve toured the world professionally.

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I play the piano. I took lessons for years and quit when I was a senior in high school. I was very good. Now, not so much. I play for enjoyment – not to entertain others. I like perfection and I have not attained that. I almost want to sell our piano because I’m not as good as I once was!

My children play instruments – my son plays the alto sax and is quite good. My daughter plays the clarinet and is in the high school band. I love to go and watch them perform at competitions. (the high school is an award winning band in our state).

I’m glad they got their love of music from me.

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piano, guitar, and saxophone.

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Trumpet and piano at a pretty high level.
Percussion, trombone, french horn, and clarinet at a mediocre level.
Alto, tenor, and bari saxophones, flute, and violin at a beginner’s level.

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I play a mean kazoo or atleast I have been told :)

Guitar is my choice instrument and I play some piano also. I don’t have a piano right now so I am sure my skills are rusty. As far as guitar, I have been playing off and on for 12 yrs or so. I play in all sorts of situations. Actually just had a jam session last night with a bunch of friends. It was awesome. Next for me to learn is going to be harmonica and lap steel guitar.

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@spargett: if this is true, could you please mention your major or favorite instruments to play, and what contexts you play them in and what kind of audiences you perform before? Thanks.

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Oh yeah…guitar. I didn’t think of that for some reason. I play that at a mediocre level. It can be relaxing to lock myself in my room and crank out some Pink Floyd solos.

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guitar, bass, drums

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I’ve always been a drummer, but I’ve been working on the piano lately.

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I can play the radio!

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Guitar and drums. Pretty bourgeois.

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Bourgeois? How so?

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not as classy as a squeeze-box

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So you’re saying an accordian is upper class? I mean, if they’re above guitar and drums, and those are bourgeois, then am I drawing the correct conclusion, or am I being confused by your metaphor?

You sound like a folkie, to me, who may verge into rock a bit. Or a rocker, who wishes to be a folkie.

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it was a joooooooooke. Jeez. The “squeeze-box” comment, I mean.

But I do think that the guitar is the true instrument for the masses. Seems like every house has one or two. Also, if you can keep time, you can play drums (to an extent).

And I lean more toward progressive metal than folk, though I’m not averse to incorporating certain elements of the genre.

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One of the guys I jam with is an accordian player, and he’s great to play with. He’s definitely proletarian.

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de juis nesivu datua, (crappy way of writing french, if i did write something and i don’t know what i said, then i apologize if it is obscene, makes no sense, or otherwise.)

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Oooooh.. I thought your radio wasn’t getting the right signal…..

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I know two girls who played the accordion (they are about 12 and 14, I think) and one of them won a national competition! I don’t know if they will continue to play, as they want to join their school band.

Marching Band rocks! (I’m a proud band parent!)

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Used to play guitar but I’ve stopped for awhile, now I play drums.

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I played piano for 9 years, then switched to guitar and have done that ever since (about 8 years), and I’ve been messing with drums for about 4 or 5 years, only seriously for like 2 though. And all the while i’ve been singing. I’ve been in 4 bands, and i do a lot of solo acoustic stuff. while in one of the metal bands I was in I got to open for all that remains. I got to meet them AND Dragonforce!! I bought Sam from DF a drink, and he was telling me about his lady troubles and how much of a douche bag the singer is. HANDS DOWN best night of my life

If you feel interested, this is where I post some stuff, mostly personal works in progress. as a disclaimer, “Hopefully Humanity”, is quite old and the vocals are vocoded. they sound pretty weird. I’m not super proud of it :D

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Does the air triangle count?

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Piano, clarinet (b flat and bass) and bari sax. Piano is solely for my own enjoyment. My oldest son has taken after his mom and is playing clarinet, both b flat and bass).

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@raggedy ann: you have my condolences.

Trumpeter humor – listening to someone learning clarinet is particularly painful. Parents must either be very, very brave… or deaf!

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Thank you. In all honesty, he plays very well. I think he’s going to be better than me.

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I used to play the tenor saxaphone, only for a year though. It was when I was in grade eight. I participated in a “Reach Ahead Music Program”, which is basically a program that consisted of 15 students out of the school who had exceptional grades. During the program I had the oppourtunity to complete a high school music credit while I was still in grade eight. I had to perform, do solos, played for fun, and went around to different schools to play for the kids.

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Piano and Keyboards, bass guitar, tuba and penny whistle,
I have a beginners piano blog

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I play the drums. I have a band but we’ve never performed anywhere but for ourselves. I’ve been playing since I was eight and took about two years of lessons.

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I play guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, harmonica, and I am teaching myself the violin.

My father and his three brothers have been in bands for the better part of their lives so it just made sense that I play music, I have the ability to hear music on the radio and be able to mimic it with little effort when it comes to the guitar. I’ve been playing for 10–12 years now. Nothing serious just freetime and fun. I used to be in bands and played some local stuff but being in the Army doesn’t allow for alot of freetime and touring.

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