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How strong are you?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 14th, 2008

it depends, i consider myself pretty strong, especially that time out of annoyance and anger i pulled a choke slam on 250 pound kid in my school, but for the life of me i can’t do a single push up.

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I didn’t think I could do any (real) push-ups either, wrestle (i can do the knee kind). i hadn’t even attempted a push up in weeks, maybe even months, and timkinney didn’t believe me that i couldn’t do any (who knows why, i’m a general weakling), so i tried to prove it, and found out that i could to two. lol. a whopping two pushups.
how strong am i? it’s complicated…i’m strong enough in the ways that count…which (to me) don’t really include doing push ups…

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well being strong where it counts, that’s real strength. here’s five.

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I can bike for 30 miles, but can do like 3 push-ups. I can probably only bench press 8 oz or something.

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I am very strong. In fact I am the strongest being on earth. I don’t like to brag or actually tell anyone, but I will tell you because I trust you: I’m earth’s last super hero. I’m strong, pretty, smart, and all other good qualities. Including humble. I’m very humble. You’d never guess how incredibly humble I am. It’s amazing. Anyway, I wasn’t going to say anything, because, you know, secret identity and all, but I cannot tell a lie (another good quality)!

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All hail The Empress!! you may be the strongest on earth but my dominion is below, and if you are earth’s last superhero, then you need allies, i Lord Mortigan, Hence my real name, bestow my allegiance to you, my shade forces are at your disposal my lady, All Hail Empress!!

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Lord Mortigan, I gladly accept your allegiance. We are very pleased.

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if any trouble stirs here in the necroworld i shall alert you as soon as possible, as our charge goes, “In dawn or night, we shall never take flight, we are the Shades, we shan’t die without a fight!! ”

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Strong enough. I might be short and petite, but I have a lot of anger, so when the time comes, I am sure I will be able to manifest the anger into physical strength. If not, I also have superior vocal cords.

this Q reminds me that I must go work on my fitness :P

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like yoda says ” size matters not”.

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Hmm. The pixies just say “Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirgglesnf”. We may have to work on that cry.

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describe to me your army of pixies, i might come up with a battle cry for your honorable fighters.

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Ahhh a thunderstorm in my area, i notice both my personality changes and my strength increases like crazy when i experience a thunderstorm, no wonder my friends call me the necrovampire.

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Are you there Empress?

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strong enough to beat you :)

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Oh, yes. Many apologies. An army of pixies is a terrifying thing to describe. It’s like glitter on cocaine. With violence. And plants. And generally nothing left when it leaves.

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hahahahahahahahahah (demonic laugh) do you know what a shade is Flameboi, here go to this site, and a necromancer.

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I do know what a shade is my friend (I’ve read eragon!) lol

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I just tried. I did 38 push ups. I would have been able to do a few more if my life depended on it. Not too shabby.

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Does it matter the number of push-ups you can do (or not) if you can’t open the pickle jar?
There are lots of different kinds of strength…I’d rather be able to do my daily stuff and not worry if I can bench press an elephant.

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I lift weights 12 ounces at a time .

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I haven’t tried to max out on pushups in a while, but last time I tried I did around fifty.

Of course, it’s a requirement for my job, so…

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I used to do push-ups multiple times in a day and would do about 75 to 100 each time. My record without stopping was 130. I do 50 daily and could probably only max at 75 or so now.

I have been working on pull-ups lately and can do 35 to 42 each time.

I’m not a huge guy…I weigh around 150.

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To Empresspixie, i just thought of a battle cry for your honorable fighters.

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