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Why would it be Matt Lauer's ex colleague to have read his apology instead of him?

Asked by flo (11233points) December 1st, 2017

Can you imagine in any other line of work/ area of life where it is someone who had nothing to do with the wrongful act who reads the apology?

Has it happened that another person, ex colleague or a student, etc., is reading/saying the apology instead of the guilty person?

”...Savannah Guthrie was once again joined by Hoda Kotb…” Is there a mention that it’s one of them who read the statement instead of him?

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It’s good PR. Right now he needs the least exposure possible, just like the other people who had been accused.

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@flameboi I guess you didn’t read the detail part of the OP.
Would you want to be the one to read/say the apology whenever other people do something wrong?

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(I left out the link/article I was referring to that didn’t mention who read the apology.)

In this article it does say who read the apology or non apology according to the article:

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I can’t really think that what happened is commonplace. I would assume the person who was in the wrong would apologize. Who knows—maybe they just didn’t want him on air again, or they knew it was going to cause issues.

This is probably something that has happened before, not sure when though.

And for me, I would not apologize on behalf of someone else…

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@SergeantQueen I can’t see how it would cause an issue if it’s just to apologize. And I don’t see how it’s the ex colleague’s problem. How about if the CEO read it instead of Savannah Guthrie? Much better , but still wrong.

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Well, an issue because many people may think his apology isn’t sincere, or that he is just trying to get his job back, or they may lash out at the company for allowing him more air time,
It isn’t the Ex-colleagues problem.
He’s famous. He can issue his own apology on his own time. Facebook live, twitter, etc.

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I can see a parent apologizing for a toddler. Some parents make the kid who’s able to talk go and apologize to the store owner if they shoplifted or something.

NBC made it the ex colleague’s problem though by having her read it or allowing her to read it. Now they look like she is supporting the 25? million/ yr abuser more or instead of the abused.
You said it, you wouldn’t want to apologize on behalf of someone else, and for a very good reason.

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“He can issue his own apology on his own time. Facebook live, twitter, etc”
He can but it limits the number of people to those who would go on those sites doesn’t it?

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It’s a tactic that allows Lauer to apologize while avoiding embarrassing questions from reporters.

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Yes, it’s to help him, but….

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Isn’t he banned from the property ?

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What matters is the message, not who actually relates it.

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The “apology” is news (as sad as that is) so of course it would be read out as part of the story.

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@flo this is a perfect example

And no, I don’t think I’d like to give away my credibility, unless of course, it is my job to do it…

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@flameboi What is the message of the video though? Some people can’t view/hear videos for various reasons.

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@kritiper So, you would volunteer to be the one to read or say everyone’s apology.

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@flo Sure. Why not?? No skin off my nose!

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