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Why are my used DVDs' sound too faint to hear? PC or DVD problem?

Asked by Aster (18806points) December 2nd, 2017

I try and save some bucks and buy used DVDs but, the last few times, I couldn’t hear the audio. Is this because I’ve bought used ones or is it a computer glitch?

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Try increasing the volume on your PC. There are separate sliders for each running program in your windows volume mixer.

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It’s not because to have used DVDs, it’s the software audio mixer, cable or physical volume on speakers. 9–1 that it’s the software audio mixer. Right click on the little volume/speaker icon in the sys tray to open the properties.

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Aside from @ragingloli‘s advice, which is apt to a point – and maybe more elementary than you need – volume can be controlled in many places.

That is, the player software (or hardware, in case you’re using a detached player) can have its own volume control, the computer has a volume control (as noted) and even the speakers themselves can have volume controls (or software for the speakers or sound mixer) downstream of the computer.

It’s highly unlikely that the DVDs themselves are to blame. (Except that if they were pirated disks to begin with, or recordings of recordings, then the original sound quality in the disk itself may be poor.)

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I know how to increase the volume both on the top of my screen on the volume icon and on the top row of my keyboard. Neither works for the DVDs. I don’t have an attached player; it’s built into my iMac. Don’t know why they discontinued this feature.

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Computer glitch. Try the disc in a regular DVD player.

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DVD’s contain digital data – the sound is either ON or OFF. The player software controls the sound level before it reaches the computer/player hardware (where there is a separate control).

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I think but am stupidly not sure that holding down “Shift“and Option” at the same time made the DVD louder. And no; I of course did not dream this up; I found it on the internet.

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I see, if you do a Shift-Option-Control-Power, it will reset the System Memory Controller in a Mac:

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I can hold down Shift, Option and Control at once but do I also have to reach to the back and hold the Power button on too? Not sure I could do it.

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