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In an Asian food market what would you get if you asked for a hot dog?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) December 3rd, 2017

Also why do we call hot dogs hot dogs? Humor welcome.

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Hopefully, actual dog meat.

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Hate to throw cold water over a question meant to be light and humorous but I find that slightly offensive since I have an Asian DIL and shop in Asian food markets. But I understand your intent and others can chime in as they wish.

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In the more touristy markets where they speak English and cater for visitors you would get a hot dog. In more remote areas they wouldn’t know what you were talking about if you asked for a “hot dog”. They might show you a laminated menu with pictures of the dishes they serve and you can order from that.

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In many parts of the US hot dogs are called Frankfurters, because of their origins in Frankfurt Germany, Other areas call the weiners (referring to Vienna, Austria). They are sometimes called tube steaks.

There is nothing Asian whatsoever about these little sausages.

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A quizzical look & a swift kick in the nuts

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They most likely would just tell you that hot dogs are not Asian food, and they probably don’t carry them (unless they have a small “Americanized” section with stuff like peanut butter, and Campbell’s soup, and baked beans, like some of the Asian stores around here do) and direct you down the street to the American grocery store, or to the Der Wienerschnitzel take out place on the corner.

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