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Why don't I have anxiety attacks today?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19435points) December 3rd, 2017

Yesterday was bad and today I’m fine. I usually get an anxiety attack between 7 And 9 pm. After I take my pill. Nurse thinks it is the heat that makes me sick at nights. What is the deal? The only differences are that I had eaten better and spent time in my couch listening to headbangers music on specialty channel.

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It sounds to me you are learning ways to overcome some of your symptoms. I hope you continue to see improvements.

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Maybe the music acted as a distraction, or maybe it acts as an outlet for what you are feeling. Eating better might also improve things. Try it again today and see if it makes a difference. It you want to be scientific about it, you could try just eating better one day and just listening to the music on another day to see if you can isolate the cause.

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Mine come and go. Sometimes, I go days without symptoms, or even weeks. Other times, I don’t know if I can live with the attacks much longer, and have that terrible feeling all the time. It’s a constant battle.

Lights are a big trigger, for me. So I often have the attacks creep up on me, when driving to work at night. I sometimes listento classical music, to relax.
You mentioned before, that hard rock relaxes you. Maybe you found something…

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@LostInParadise has a good plan. I would suggest going by weeks though, rather than day by day. Keep a log of what you try, at what time, and the result.

I think you are on to something here!

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No anxiety attack today either. Had two pieces of kfc and egg nog and cheese bread and carrot peach applesauce. And watching news. Have headbangers music on specialty channel on now. Switched to coke zero.

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^ I try to stay away from caffeine. Stimulants can also be a trigger. For me…

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