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Do Republicans want to destroy the world? (Details)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (19109points) December 4th, 2017

Trump is reportedly reducing the size, of monuments in Utah.
Combined with the reduction of pollution control, new pipelines, and drilling, it seems like the GOP is trying to harm the planet.

I know their greed is their motivation, but can that justify their actions?

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I don’t think they actually want to destroy the world, they just don’t think that their money grubbing ways will affect anything. If the shit hits the fan, God will pull them out! (Or so they must think…)

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The world is just collateral damage for them.

This is a great example

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Sure looks like it. So much for the party of Teddy Roosevelt!

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As long as they can rake in the $$$ for their billionaire and corporate cronies they don’t give a shit. And their base voters are too stupid and poorly educated to know the difference. Kind of ironic that their grassroots base are the people those cretins hurt the worst.

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Fake news,F-A-K-E N-E-W-S!!!! or they keep screaming they are not hurting the planet the are providing jobs for the poor, they can’t help it if the poor can’t live off what they pay them, and they the Rep/cons make zillions $$$ of profits from these ventures.
This is God’s plan, or so they keep telling everyone.

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Greed does not know politics. If you think that republicans are colluding to destroy the planet then may I suggest you look at what the environmental impact of “green” technology really is, not just what it’s being sold as. Sustainability is not such a simple equation though it should be. Perhaps everyone has their share of guilt to bear, republican, democrat or whatever. Think about it next time you fill your car with gas, turn your lights on or complain about your power bills. The people who benefit in the end are not republicans, they’re oligarchs and they play both sides.

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^There was a time, that I would have agreed that it is a bipartisan issue. Not after the past year though. It’s not all about green tech, it’s about the blatant stuff. Taking away protection from land, for the purposes of running pipelines through it, or drilling, or mining. Removing the US from the environmental pact. Cutting emissions standards. And, of course, the complete denial of climate change.

All in the name of higher profit…

By my observations, the gloves are off. At least in the past, such things were more subtle.

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From what I have observed the answer is yes.

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Of course.
Just like they want to burn down their own houses.

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For the insurance$$?^^^^^^

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Don’t give them any bright ideas. They might just do it and blame Obama and Hillary on the way to the bank. People who vote for higher taxes and no health insurance and then idolize the people who fuk them ain’t too long on brains anyways.

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Well of course it’s all Obama’s fault everything is.
But don’t worry Trump will save us all, (or at least sell us down the river to the highest bidder, as long as he and his buddies make a lot of money from it)

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Making America poor (and sick) again.

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