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Which is your the most memorable Holiday season experience and why?

Asked by imrainmaker (8219points) December 4th, 2017

As asked.

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We had lot of memorable holidays as kids our parents were pretty cool. I remember one Christmas break in particular when dad got home from working late and watched Sonny and Cher with us while mom made us all popcorn. He always watched the Monkeys with the girls on weekends as well. Unusual for a crusty retired Army guy. Lol

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Silvester, because you can not hide from the noise. Should be illegal.

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Almost every Christmas I spent with my family when my kids were young or coming home from college. We had wonderful, wonderful days.

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When I was twelve I got a pair of gold earrings. Under the earrings was an appointment card to get my ears pierced. I went to the appointment all by myself.
I felt so grown up!

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Before my mother passed away my siblings and I would all gather at our parents house on Christmas Eve. Our parents created a tradition of dressing up as a character after dinner to surprise the grandchildren and pass out presents. My mother created a poster with clues as to who the character would be and we had until after dinner to guess and enter our names in a pool. The winner received a gift.

They did this for at least 10 years, maybe 12. Some of the characters my father dressed as were Mrs. Claus, Baby New Year (with the diaper!), a western Santa and Rudolph. My father was ill one year so my husband was asked to participate. They rented an Easter Bunny costume for him to wear and it scared our youngest. Poor thing was crying while most others were in tears from laughing. We all have such fond memories of these times.

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