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Does it make any sense to protest the destruction of net neutrality by protesting at Verizon stores?

Asked by rockfan (9145points) December 4th, 2017 from iPhone

I think it’s ridiculous. Unfortunately a few of my close friends are going and I feel sorry for the managers and employees that have to deal with this BS – people that have absolutely no connection to the net neutrality decision. Your thoughts?

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Agree. It’s asinine.

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Nobody cares if the poor sales folks at Verizon have a clue about net neutrality.
They simply want to get taped and see themselves on TV later.

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there are certainly more productive measures available.

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No sense at all. On the other hand, it’s harmless.

Look at it as an extension of Occupy Wall Street (remember that?) – people don’t like the big bad corporations, and Verizon is one of the baddest.

Frankly, I have no problem with activists. Better that than couch potatoes who are disinterested in the world.

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It’s harmless unless you are a Verizon worker who works on commission and your income suffers because people are scared away from the store.

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It’s meant to be symbolic. Ajit Pai worked for Verizon before joining the government and is expected to go back to Verizon when his time as Chairman of the FCC comes to an end. Given the fact that he has used his position to shut down investigations into Verizon’s practices before and is now using his position to eliminate net neutrality (something that Verizon’s lobbyists have consistently failed to accomplish), a lot of people suspect him of still being a de facto Verizon employee.

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You proved it clearly worked. You spent your time bringing to our attention. Maybe some random person saw this question and asked them self.. What is this net neutrality…

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