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Will you share a fond memory you have from this site?

Asked by Aethelwine (42732points) December 4th, 2017

Is there a specific question or encounter you had that brings back good memories for you?

The following question went on for a few years. It’s a go to for me whenever I’m feeling melancholy.

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There are specific questions I can remember but my most fond memory is of the support I got here when my husband split. It helped immeasurably as did real life friends.

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Similar to @janbb, I don’t know how I would have gotten through 2011 without the support of Fluther, and I won’t ever forget that about this site.

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I found Fluther when I was going through a very stressful time as my mother went from very active and social at 85 to bad health almost over night. She was having trouble adjusting to it and so were we (her children). Fluther helped me through.

I also had some wonderful conversations with @gailcalled and @ whatthefluther that I will never forget. I have met so many wonderful people through this site.

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Ibstubro brought me here when Askville folded.
I was encouraged by the reception.
I have, like many, experienced ups and downs on Fluther.
Here are some of the ups:
*Addi, and his flirty but respectful humor.
*Vampire descent on jellies.
*Learning about the awards, and how some are achieved. (Effin CIA, and robots!)
*Posting on TJBM threads, and some of the beauty shared there, and facts learned sometimes.
*Learning about the references to pancakes. Oooo. PANCAKES! Ahhh.
*Seeing pics of Milo.
*Reading the frizzer thread, and the bewilderment caused by OP.
*The thread which got modded into oblivian when a kid asked for homework assistance, then behaved rudely, and EC went apes—t. LOL. Posted a full novel! I wish the whole thing could be unmodded to read again.
*Discussing the beauty of pillows, and how there can never be too many.

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I fired a chef half way through crafting a response because my egg yolk at breakfast wasn’t runny enough…happy days

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Yes, your staff, more fun times here on Fluther.

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When Dutchess and I first joined from Wis people got really pissed at Dutchess because she was such a loud mouth. Ah…that was great.

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I WAS NOT A LOUD MOUTH!!! YOU JUST SHUT UP!!!” Wait…well…maybe I was a rule breaker, at least by Fluther standards.
I don’t think I’ve ever apologized to y’all for our invasion. “SORRY Y’ALL!!” not

So many fond memories. This was one of the first questions I ever came upon. I was Val123 then. The question made me feel that there was some hope for this stuffy, stuck up community! And there was. I think it was the invasion that prompted the creation of the “Social” tab.

And @Rarebear ain’t no kind of doctor.

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Hey, who was it found a man on her sofa, then went and passed out, letting all jellies freak out?

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Ha ha ha!. <<< There you go @Patty_Melt!

This was one of my all time favorites. Talk about doing a double take when you read that question!

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The support we receive here is amazing. Some of you have experienced my worst days and you helped me. I will forever be grateful.

Thank you for your answers.<3

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@Patty_Melt The vampire invasion, that was hilarious. I left when they were still fairly new, how did that end? Are they still active?

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I don’t think they are still here.

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