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Is the list of gastroenterologists at Harvard in the following site, if not where is it?

Asked by flo (11233points) December 5th, 2017

Here is the site:

One of the gastroenterologist’s initials is D.M by the way.

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Doubt it – that’s the course catalog.

You are better off following this link

which lists the hospitals in Boston that are affiliated with the Medical School.

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I don’t think they list all the Doctors affiliated with Harvard in a list/catalogue. Harvard’s Gastroenterology Department only list the head of the department.

Gotta know why you are looking for “D.M.” ? ? ?

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Thanks @elbanditoroso for the link. I can’t get to the list of faculty from there either. That is so interesting. The 3 keywords Gastreoenterology and Harvard Medical School and or Harvard University, and Faculty can’t lead to the list of the doctors of Gastroenterology.

I got the list for Boston U just in one shot:

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