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What is this necklace or pendant?

Asked by CrusoeStudio (119points) December 5th, 2017

I found in my parents old jewelry box a pendant which is gold-colored, but probably copper due to the smell. It’s old and it had a built in hold so I assume it’s a pendant. It had Buddha stamped predominately in the middle on one side and the other has a person printed over a deep circle and what I assume is a 13 mostly covering the back. (Could very well be some symbol I am not familiar with. there seems to be writing stamped around the edge, but is worn too much to see. any guesses?

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It would help if you don’t mind uploading pic on imgur or similar site and share the link here.

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Pendent hangs by a loop (Sterling silver cross is a pendent)


necklace is a continuous circle when clasp is closed (string of pearls).

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Does the 13 look anything like this?

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^Yeah.. with Buddha on one side it makes sense to have Om symbol on other side and it looks like 13..)

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Or this (Tibetan)?

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