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Do you think the people who were aware of sexual misconduct of Harvey Weinstein and kept mum till date are as guilty?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) December 5th, 2017

I’m not talking about the victims but those who worked with him and aware of his behaviour didn’t speak out either. Do you think they are also to blame in this whole episode?

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Some, but not all.

Weinstein was an extremely powerful man in the movie business, crossing him would ruin your career. Didn’t matter if you were one of the top actors in Hollywood, going against him was fraught with peril.

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Short answer is yes.

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No, not as guilty. He is the guiltiest but they are complicit.

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I think there’s a big difference between

a) Knowing someone engages with younger, attractive, adult women, who are with him because of what he can do for them.


b) Knowing exactly how he cornered, manipulated, raped, and received no consent from so many of those women.

Scenario A is what most people “knew” and just like I don’t want anyone projecting their values on my relationship, I wouldn’t want to project my values on theirs.

If anyone knew the details we know now, then they are guilty of allowing it to continue. I still think he holds the majority of the blame for making it happen, but if there’s a personal assistant who sets that stuff up, or the security firm that covers it up, that’s all both illegal and immoral and should be punished.

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Morally as guilty, yes,

Legally as guilty, no.

Weinstein did the raping.

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Here’s complete Timeline of his sick activities. Is it possible that none of these things were known to people who were close to him?

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Your question asks “are as guilty” but your description reads “are also to blame” – do you see the huge difference in degree between the two?

Depending on the circumstances, they can be blamed to some degree, but generally are not “as guilty”.

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They may not be entitled to punishment same as Harvey as they haven’t committed any crime. But if someone is aware of crime being committed and doesn’t speak against it, aren’t they helping him indirectly?

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It’s difficult to assign blame to those caught up in shifting societal norms. The perpetrators got away with their behavior because the consequences for those revealing that behavior, were stark and always surpassed whatever embarrassment might befall the perp. It’s one of those things nobody talks about but everyone knows how it works. And it’s a mistake faulting those cowed by the abuse of power.

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Ben Affleck and Quentin Tarantino were both aware. They both privately spoke with Weinstein to stop his behavior, but did not publicly expose him.
Are they somewhat complicit?
Are they AS guilty?
Not at all.

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As guilty? No. Do some have blame for letting it continue? Probably. Others were probably being victimized by him demanding silence also.

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Not as guilty, but complicit nonetheless.

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I think it is an awkward situation to be in. Suppose you tell the news media. They are going to want more information. At the very least, they will want to know who was victimized. You can’t run a story saying that someone said that someone was victimized by Weinstein. Maybe the victims do not want the publicity or think that their careers will be jeopardized. Those could be reasons they were not telling the story on their own. Maybe you have been good friends with Weinstein and feel uneasy about jeopardizing your friendship.

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Complicit ? yes.
Guilty? yes.
As guilty? no (maybe)

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@imrainmaker ^ Hit the nail on the head. Complicit, guilty,as guilty? maybe.

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