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How do I come up with an artistic outfit if I'm a guy?

Asked by Romy8555 (25points) 1 week ago

I’m an artist so what should I wear?

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You will be judged on your art, not on your clothes. Wear what ever you like.

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Since you are artistic you should express yourself not only through your art, but also through your attire. All black, all white, brights, dull colors, baggy, tight fitting, furs, leather, the list goes on and on. You can reinvent yourself daily.

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What do you currently wear, and why?

Probably, you should stick with what you’re comfortable with. Unless there’s a hygienic issue…

If someone is making you feel like you aren’t “dressing” right, you’re probably better off changing your company, not your clothes.

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Here’s a tip from an artist:

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Well MrGrimm888 I wear sweat pants and t shirts because they are comfy cozy

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Find one piece of clothing you like, it can be anything, and then mix that in with your comfy cozy clothes and you’re set.

Or, ask artist friends if they have clothing with their art, or will make some. Do you have any interest in making clothing?

Clothes you have a connection with are really what you’re looking for.

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If you’re an artist, and have no calling to wear artistic clothes, it would seem to me fairly silly to dress up to the opinions of others. If for some reason you are concerned with what other artists wear, many (maybe most) artists I know or have known do not decorate themselves as art, or express their relationship to clothes by wearing whatever they want, not what others think they ought to wear.

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You’re an artist. To be an artist is to be self-indulgent, so wear whatever you want.

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Just because you are an artist, doesn’t mean that you should wear some type of “art uniform.” Wear what you like, but be respectful of the place you are wearing your clothing. Just because you are artistic, doesn’t make it acceptable to wear extremely revealing clothes, or torn/dirty/meatcovered/bloody/orotherwisepurposelyprovocativeoroffensiveclothing in situations where those types of things are perceived as offensive or purposely provocative. Just because you are an artist, doesn’t mean that you get a pass on wearing whatever you want, wherever you want, any more than anyone else does.

You can wear whatever you like, whatever is comfortable, but if you purposely wear clothes that are meant to shock, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Try not to look like you are wearing a “pretentious art stereotype” of clothing. I live near Los Angeles. Some of the all black outfits and “man buns” would make you laugh or cringe. Don’t fall into that trap. Being unique is good, being purposely provocative to get a reaction is foolish and pretentious.

What kinds of clothes do you wear now? Is there anything wrong with the clothes you wear? If not, keep on wearing them.

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I had a pair of pants once that I turned into a work of art. I embroidered all over it, and every time it got torn or if I found a cool patch or piece of material, I’d work it into my pants. Eventually the seat tore out of it so it became a skirt. And incidentally it also got pretty heavy.

It really was interesting and fun, and became quite a conversation piece. Someone even offered me $40 for it (which back then was a lot of money). Why not consider doing something similar with an old shirt, hat, or jacket?

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