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What is the best part of your job?

Asked by nina (895points) August 14th, 2008

What do you particularly relish in your work?

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leaving at the end of the day

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Working with my kids and knowing I’m giving them the best education possible.

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Working with apple products all day. Being on fluther is also great.

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Not having to sit in the same place at a desk all day long.

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Getting to write about cool sites like Fluther.

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I do biomedical research. What I love is the discovery of new, fundamental biologic principles. Even though this is a rare thing, when it happens, there is no comparison. You just discovered something that no one else has known before, and eventually, you get to share that information with the rest of the world!

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When my patients show genuine appreciation for the care I’ve given.

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I do a lot of different things remodeling homes. I like doing fancy trim carpentry in high end homes the best. Building things like mantles, spiral stairways and railings, crown mold, baseboard, door trim etc. I also like doing elaborate ceramic tile work putting patterns in there and using different colors and accent pieces with it. Those things can really make a home look spectacular and its my mark on the world.

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@Buster; I hope you sign and date your work in a corner; all artistry should have ownership.

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Tickle fights, hugs, and cuddles. Giving advice that’s actually taken, on occasion :) Seeing my girls grow into wonderful young women.

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That I can write naked at home.

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@Marina: What kind of writing do you do, and is there a way we could enjoy your writing? other than Fluther, of course!

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multitasking Fluther.

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Well, I can fluther. It’s bad, I don’t really enjoy my job. I have been looking for a new one though.

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also the perks.

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I get to do most of my job in my pajamas. I can sleep with the boss anytime I want because he’s my husband. I can fluther. I can take naps on the job. I get to be creative. I get to fire people.

The big downsides are, I never get to leave the office and the onsite daycare program sucks. ;~)

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i’m an instructor at the academy and i love getting out front and teaching!

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I work with kids, it’s so rewarding, I love getting to goof around be be silly and on a completely different note be there for them when they battle serious issues. It breaks my heart to hear what some of these kids deal with at such young ages, but at the end of the day I always feel like I’m making a difference

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Changing lives… I work with at risk youth and have seen what a difference individual attention and caring can make in a life.

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@carla Do really see that much change? In my 5 plus years of doing this work, I’d say I’ve seen very few actually make significant progress.

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@tinyfaery I had 12 students graduate last week. I’m not saying that I influence all of them. In fact that is about 1/2 % of the students that pass through my class in a year, out of that 12 there are 8 that are heading to college. When I got them they read at 1st and 2nd grade levels. Yes, I do believe that I made a difference.

I see that you said you didn’t like your job. One thing that I have learned is that these kids know the ones that really care and the ones that are just going through the motions. I love my job and I care about these kids.

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@carla So you are assuming I don’t care? I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t care. And I’m not a teacher; it’s my job to help those with psychiatric and addiction problems learn life skills, and help them find employment, housing, therapy, etc. I’ve been at 3 different places in 5 years, and success rates at all 3 are seriously low. Oh, wait. You just inferred it was my fault because I didn’t care. I’ll make sure I tell that to every social worker, psychiatrist and special ed. teacher i have ever worked with.

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Getting young adults to realize their passion for media by sharing my own. Empowering them to seek out skills for themselves through applied learning; challenging them to become creative problem solvers and to explore outside of their comfort zone.

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@augustlan Thanks for asking. For work, I am a business and marketing writer. I am also a partner in a travel Web site for baby boomers called BoomVoyage.

For myself, I am working on fiction. I have a blog, but have neglected it this year, because of my many back-and-forth trips to Seattle due to my Mom’s illness. So, unless you are up for reading old essays on things that struck my fancy, I’ll spare you.

Tip for those wanting to work naked at home (based on personal experience). Make sure you are not expecting a UPS or Fed Ex delivery.

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tinyfaery: I’ve worked with similar populations and there is a high incidence of job burnout. I went in with high hopes and after a not-too-long period of time felt as though someone had stuck a syringe in me and sucked out all my juice. I won’t go near it now with a 10-foot pole. I am a very caring person, as you are, but I choose not to spend my energy there.

I have spent the last 15 years working as a finishing designer in new home construction. My market just crashed (SoCal); dreadfully so, reducing my income by 3/4. I may soon have lots of time to fluther.

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@Marina: Your “BoomVoyage” site sounds very interesting, but the link isn’t working, it is circular, linking back to this page.

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@Augustlan. Marina probably made a simple cut/paste error. Here is the site.

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@shilolo: Thanks, I am brain dead tonight :)
@Marina: Nice looking site!

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The best part of my job is getting to taste great wines from all over the world. Then I get to be creative and dream up wonderful food pairings for each of them. Then I get to let good folks like you experience them too, and I’ll sneak in some wine education for you while I’m at it. If I had to sit at a desk all day I’d open a vein.

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Meeting new people. That’s probably the best. Also, I like making music, and hearing something I created played back to me on loud speakers. :)

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the free tickets to all the cultural events I love (like the opera for example)
The free tickets and parking space at the stadium for the soccer games
Tha paycheck :)

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@flameboi: You work in soccer? My boyfriend is going to graduate next year with a degree in sports management, and he’ll probably be doing his internship with MLS… though I think really he wants to go into racing since MLS isn’t big enough to make a decent living.

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Getting to review the latest golf products and play golf

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I do not work is soccer, I work in a diplomatic mission, cultural area :)
Tell your bf to stay in the MLS, the big break for the US Soccer is coming, he needs to be a lil’ bit patient, plus, if he doen’t know, tell him that lots of very rich american are buying european teams… rumour has it that South Africa will not be ready to host the next world cup and the U.S. is the plan B

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@tinyfarey I’m sorry. When you questioned my statement I assumed that you were also a teacher. My mistake My statement was in reference to teaching. I meant that kids can tell when teachers are there for them or just to collect a pay check, and it makes a difference.
I work for a federal program for kids between 15 -18 they are considered at risk because they have been kicked out of traditional schools, have been released from camp, or the court has ordered them to attend school.

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1. Being able to regularly travel to the different mining sites in Africa – a change is as good as a holiday :D – The change in scenery, people, climate, etc. keeps me from getting bored.

2. Listening to music whilst working, since most of my work is done via email, internet, intranet, etc. I do not get that much distracted and can listed to music mostly throughout the day :D

3. Flexible working times – one of the best parts…

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aside from going home… the fact that I can do whatever I want in between phone calls: watch a DVD, read, crochet, twiddle my thumbs, whatever. When the calls slow down it’s like getting paid to watch a movie or read a book.

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Guitar Hero III

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Besides just loving the work, the best part of my job is the reaction (and never being left on hold!) I get when I phone attorneys for certain filings and I say “this is Jan’et from the Supreme Court…”. Apparently every single legal assistant and secretary in this state has been instructed that “if someone from the Supreme Court calls, get me on the phone immediately!” It’s a little power ~.~ thing for me, but one of the few perks!

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I got a kick out of finding the long-lost bottle of oven cleaner.

More routinely, I like the quiet, and how the lack of reference points (no clocks, no windows!) shortens my day. And sometimes it’s nice being the center of attention when fifteen people are waiting for you to finish preparing their chickens.

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My job is school everyday, and the best part is that I am really working hard on everything I do. Also knowing that it always pays off in the future THats the best part of my job:)

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