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Enterology is derived from the greek entero (intestine) and I believe logy is derived from logia, also a greek word meaning group/collection.

So the word is gastroenterology, which is the study of the gastric system as a whole, including the intestines.

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-logy is a suffix meaning study of.

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Joining @zenvelo to correct @flameboi.

Any word that ends in -logy is either pertaining to written work (trilogy, eulogy) or pertaining to fields of study (gastroeneterology, etc).

Gastroeneterology is specifically the study of the belly (gaster) and intestine (énteron).

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@Thammuz @zenvelo Thank you.

My memory on the etymology of words is rusty. Sorry about that.

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@flameboi “Sorry” not necessary at all. You didn’t do anything wrong to anyone.

@zenvelo and @Thammuz Thanks.

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