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What can I use to keep drinks cool other than ice?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) December 8th, 2017

I hear about these things you keep in the freezer and you use them instead of ice. What are they, and do you have any experience with them?

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frozen rocks.

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You can catch mice and chop off their tails. Then place them in the ice cube tray. They will freeze. When you want a cold drink, you pull the mouse out of the tray in place it in your drink. The real advantage is that the thawing mouse does not dilute what you’re drinking, like water does. And because of the density of the dead mouse, it stays frozen much longer than ice does, thereby keeping your beverage cool for much longer.

Or you can use these

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You could use a mini version of a swamp cooler.

Get some burlap, or even a sock, soak it in cold water, wrap around your drink and set in front of a fan. It will keep your drink much cooler than the ambient air temperature.

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The mice sounds like a good deal, but I’d leave their tails on so I can yank them out of the ice cube tray.

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Isn’t Missouri wicked cold this time of year? Just put your drink on your back stoop for 15 minutes.

Hey…you posted to Social, so anything goes (including mice and their tails).

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I’m not complaining! And I’m not from Missouri either! Yes, I could do that but that doesn’t help me when I bring it inside and start drinking it. It warms up too fast.

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I think they have those “whiskey cubes” at Walmart.

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Kansas is just western Missouri….

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LOL! And Eastern Colorado?

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somewhere south of canada

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Small Whiskey Rocks, Set of 12 $19.95 US
“An innovative chilling option for the whisky connoisseur. Soapstone beverage cubes keep drinks cool without watering them down, prolonging appreciation of the nuanced flavors of fine spirits. To enjoy undiluted sipping, place cubes in the freezer for a few hours and then drop them in your glass. May also be heated to keep warm drinks heated. Non-porous soapstone won’t absorb odors or flavors and won’t scratch glassware.”

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Flat Colorado is West Kansas.

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Invent steel cups which when frozen keep drinks cool then make a fortune selling rubber gloves to hold the cups.

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@Dutchess_III “And I’m not from Missouri either!”

Oops. So sorry! I’ve always had a stubborn mental block about this…the two Kansas Cities, of course.

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LOLL @Love_my_doggie! All them Kansas Cities look alike to me too! Hell, we drove to Nebraska to buy an SUV last summer. Couldn’t even tell the difference once we got there.

@Call_Me_Jay, very, very cool. I wonder if the soap stone would start to flake and break after a while?

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Camping I used to keep drinks and perishable food submerged in a stream. Works better than a refrigerator

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Yeah, I’ve done that camping too.

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There are plastic mugs with a liquid inside. Pop the mug in the freezer. Once frozen, fill it with a chilled beverage, and it will stay cold for the amount of time to consume it.

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