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What do you think of someone who takes advantage of their relationship?

Asked by sweetdreams (38points) August 14th, 2008
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Could you please provide further explanation of what you mean?

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The husband left them and took quite a lot of stuff. He charged a lot of money on credit cards and left her to fend for herself. They have been married for about 2 years.

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I think, in that instance, I would cancel the cards, change the locks and get a lawyer to protect myself financially.

That was more than taking advantage that was being a complete bastard and a non-man-coward.

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Yeah, I would say so. I think thats what she did, its a shame though. I really feel bad for her. We don’t talk, but I found out through a mutual friend.

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It is a terrible shame. Guys like that need a beat down from decent guys. Unfortunately, we don’t give beat downs to readily.

Welcome to fluther by the way. Great first question.

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Who says good guys can’t fight? Some times a good old’ ass beating is the only thing someone needs.

I generally don’t condone violence otherwise.

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@ Spargett – but sometimes the beat downs make the person feel worse.

Now if say, we were walking in as he was leaving and he kicked a dog and pushed a little kid with an ice cream cone helping an old lady with groceries down.

Beat down city.

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Hi sweetdreams, Welcome tot he collective. It is really helpful to give the context of you question in the details area.

This guy sounds horrible. I hope she goes after him.

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yeah thats not a man, he’s a Lil B$&)h… That sucks for your friend

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