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Is the Internet, the new stone? (Details)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (13759points) December 10th, 2017

Primitive cultures believed that things like stone, lasted forever. It was a big part of many cultures. Many works of art were made in stone, marble etc.

Stuff on the Internet, lasts “forever.”

Is it better to have a piece on the net, or a statue?

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Stone? Sand on the beach.

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We are displaying things people in the past didn’t ever considered significant so…

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200 years from now only the stones will remain readable.

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Art on the internet is ephemeral. Sites will go down; posts will be deleted; servers will become obsolete. Like so much in our culture, it gives at best a snapshot of a fleeting moment.

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It certainly takes more talent to sculpt a block of stone into a work of art than it does to create a meme, and certainly more talent than to post on sites like these. I’ll take the statue.

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there’s plenty of bad art and bad writing to go around. talent and taste are relative and arbitrary.

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But. If Internet servers end up running for a LONG time, the stone will crumble to dust, while the info is still like new. Assuming humans don’t go extinct, but that’s another thread.

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It all depends on future historians having a digital Rosetta Stone to decode ar hives. Just like iPhones not being able to use 32 bit apps, and no one being able to really print out WordPerfect documents anymore, or grab that file on the 1.2 mg diskette (let alone a t inch floppy) the preserved digital forever is only as good as the retrofitting hardware.

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^Good point.

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