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Why do some states have deposits on bottles and cans and others don't?

Asked by buster (10244points) August 14th, 2008

When I lived in Oregon you take your cans and bottles to the grocery store and cash them in for a nickel a piece. A few other states do this but most don’t. In Tennesse there is no deposit and there is bottles and cans all over the roads. In Oregon there is no bottles or cans on the side of the road. The bums will fight over them or even steal empties off your porch. It makes recycling a lot more appealing. You think as big a business as recycling is now more states would do it.

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Because some states are awesomer than others.

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A slight derail..

I was at the Fred Meyer on Interstate (buster should know where that is at) with a friend returning our empties. And we ran into the “can pimp” at the bank of machines. A guy who actually looked like a pimp was directing four people about how to put the cans in the machines. Then he took all of their vouchers and went into the store to redeem them.

“Bitch, does this look like Safeway? Stop putting fucking Select cans in the machine.”

It was a sad thing to witness but it is kinda funny.

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I live in New Jersey, where there are not deposits. When I go to New York, where there are deposits, I take cans with me. There is a bucket in the store where people throw the cans that the machine rejects. I take those home and bring them to a scrap metal place for cash. I’m not working this summer.

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Hey Buster, what up?
Earlier this year, some college kids I know were campaigning for a bottle bill in TN (for like the 20th year in a row) but I think it got shot down like usual because they were scheduled to hear it at the end of April, and I haven’t heard anything since then. I think TN doesn’t have a bottle bill because our legislature is a bunch of ugly old republicans who don’t give a damn. They think it’s not “economically feasible” because it might not have been 30 years ago.

You can go to for a ton more information about it. I don’t want to bog down the thread with all of it.

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@ La chica gomela, How you doing?

That is really interesting thanks for the link.

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