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I know what the dictionary definitions are. How would you define what a floozy is? How would you define what a hussy is?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24302points) December 11th, 2017

Are there generally accepted perceptions?

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Floozy is a girl who is either sort of a slut or just “gets around” generally not as derogatory as slut but more directed a girls who have a high sex drive.

A hussy is a girl who is rough around the edges, swears, acts brazen, rude and is generally considered obnoxious and unsavory but not a slut. Sort of a bitch but not really.

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A floozy is a woman who will do it with anyone, a partier, whose looks aren’t quite up to snuff. A hussy is a woman who will do it with anyone but you.

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I don’t think of either of them in primarily sexual terms. I think of a floozy as a somewhat slovenly crude woman who may have loose morals. A hussy is someone who is bold and in your face, perhaps too brazen for the comfort of others. Both terms are somewhat archaic and not particularly appropriate in contemporary times except as a joke.

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@elbanditoroso Both of those terms remind me of a couple of others along a similar vein and perhaps vintage. Frowsy. and blousy.

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Words that people use to shame women for their sexuality.

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It’s not always shaming language toward people who are just expressing sexuality. That’s just like saying jackass is shaming language against someones personality when they are doing incredibly dangerous, stupid things.

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For me, the word floozy has always carried with it intimations of silliness and stupidity.

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