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If Moore wins, how will that affect your opinion of Alabama's people?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16911points) December 12th, 2017

Pretty much as asked.

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For the record, I am positive that Moore will win.

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It won’t. I have very little esteem for them in the first place, and if Moore wins, it’s more of the same. Remember, I live in the state next door and we’re used to seeing Alabama as our even dumber redneck brother in law.

Now if Jones wins, my esteem for Alabama will go up markedly.

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Alabama allowed this person to get to where he is today. If he is elected. They deserve everything that is said about them.

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That it is actually this close makes me feel better about Alabama.

Evangelical Christians on the other hand.

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Not so fast. From the looks of things, at least 45% of the voting population deserves our deepest sympathy.

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Doug Jones has won. Alabamians made the better choice.

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My opinion of Republicans will be unchanged.

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Considering they have reelected him already as a judge I have a pretty low opinion of them to begin with.

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well there’s no longer any need to speculate. Moore lost and spared the Republicans in the Senate some tricky embarrassment. The smart ones are probably relieved.

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You people are something else. You just hear stuff on CNN and NBC and start talking like you have some facts. There’s a great chance you people know nothing about either of these men and are just talk talk talk right out of your behinds.

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Let us be real here:
Jones winning is just a technicality. The difference in votes is statistically insignificant.
Half of those inbreds voted for a child molester.

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^ Yes, but slightly more than half made the better choice. So there’s hope. I’ll take a sliver of hope any day of the week.

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Well, @MollyMcGuire, then where, in your opinion, should we get our information? And why are your information sources more reliable than mine?

I track a number of different sources, but you seem to be so absolute on your superior fact-finding skills that I really am interested.

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Ah… I love being wrong, about some things…

It was close though…

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@MollyMcGuire care to clarify where my answer is incorrect or are you content just to leave it at vague, generalized insults?

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It shows the strength of what is called identity politics. Moore won among whites, including almost ⅔ of white women. Jones put together a winning coalition of blacks, college educated and young voters, and was very successful in getting them to vote.

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